Women and games

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Monday, 09 July 2012 21:19

My approach to the world of video games was initially quite happy because at home this hobby was never "guy thing", so I grew up in an environment in which women played and did well. Maybe it's because my parents had a video game store and therefore not subject to this closure culture. But the fact is I grew up playing tennis and my first console was a NES that I got brand new gift at Christmas.

My mother is an expert player of Tetris. Never tried a console, but had one of those portable devices that mimic the Gameboy and I'm sure I could kick us around 90% of those who are reading. My aunt still has a flower NES that keeps giving me the cane with Dr. Mario. Its superiority is so great that if we play against each other I at level 10 and she beats me at 20. Ironically my father never cared too much beyond the business.

So I start this article because in my surroundings, always play when I had the luck to fall in places where it is a woman has not been relevant. Even here on Joystiq, I'm just an editor may be more like Dani or Lara. Someone who writes about your passion and you're done. So in that sense, the scene around the game I was welcomed with open arms and is a place where I feel comfortable.

Perhaps because of this privileged environment where I constantly move that has surprised me as the bitter controversy that has risen in recent weeks with the discussion on ways in which women are represented in video games.

The issue is not new, Women in Games for example, is treating him for years, but has returned to the fore by a blogger Anita initiative launched in Kickstarter Sarkeesian called Troops vs. Women . The proposed Sarkessian was as follows:

I love playing video games regularly but I am disappointed by the limited and limiting way in which women are represented. This video project will explore, analyze and deconstruct some of the common tropes and stereotypes of female characters in video games. The video series will highlight some of the recurring patterns and conventions used by the game industry instead of focusing on those that are most offensive. I need your help to get it!

As a player, pop culture critic and fan, I am always working to make a balance between my enjoyment of the media while simultaneously trying to be critical of representations of gender issues. With my video series "Feminist Frequency", I analyze the way women are portrayed in the media and the impact it has on our culture and society.

In my opinion, video games (such as movies or television) are filled with cultural stereotypes both men and women (men who can not wash clothes, women who only care about the color of your nails, etc.) and does not seem not unreasonable to explore in a critical way. That is why I was very surprised by the response so aggressive Sarkeesian received by some groups of players.

His project got the funds he needed to occur, but their YouTube channel was filled with comments that even included death threats, his Wikipedia page was vandalized and his email is full of images as you can see in the post in which she is shown as a woman raped by Mario Bros . And all this for criticizing the way in which some women are represented in video games really?

As a person (not as a woman) I find outrageous that anyone should have to suffer this kind of harassment. Whether a feminist talking about video games, a child who bother to your school or harassed lady on a bus , because nobody would suffer this kind of treatment. Videojugadora And I feel sad because I am sure that the level of debate that we can achieve when we talk about these issues is tremendously higher than this single event reflects on the community.

For me, a debate not mean we have to glorify everything this blogger in particular as a woman have to express on the subject. But I think we can disagree and express our views in an appropriate way and actually contribute to the conversation. And I think sadly that does not happen often because when we talk about issues that seem so conflicting tend to radicalize our positions (both men and women) to prove our point and loses focus of the conversation.

I think it would be disingenuous of me to say that I have never been disappointed by the manner in which they advertise some games or used the sexuality of their female protagonists to appeal to that, let's face it, is the majority of these groups. Does this mean that I think the industry has an internal plot to destroy the image and personality of women and men exalt above all things? No, it means that I love to enjoy more frequently to play with a female character whose raison d'etre beyond attracting the male audience and what is more interesting, I think many men (and I will comment if I'm wrong or not) also like more such characters.

Many of the comments I read on this subject says something like "men are men and we like big tits and ass out and not enjoy without them" and that to me, is not consistent with people with whom I have the opportunity to play every day. Yeah, okay, all (as) we like our characters are attractive (it would be ridiculous to deny it) but when a female character is interesting to look beyond their male wins more hearts than one that is just eye candy and displays a button : the controversy over the appearance of Tali'Zorah . (WARNING Spoilers for Mass Effect 3 after the video).

Tali'Zorah is probably one of the most beloved female characters in the saga of Mass Effect 3 and has not uncovered absolutely no part of your body. His personality and good work in the game earned the affection of fans to such a degree that when Bioware decided to use a photograph of GettyImages photoshopeada to show his face a lot of players were outraged by the lack of ingenuity which the company showed by revealing one of the Expected secrets of one of their favorite characters. So no, I do not think that everything a man can see a female character is its appearance.

And there are more examples of characters very attractive to the female audience who are also interesting for the male audience such as: Jade from Beyond Good and Evil or Faith of Mirror's Edge .

Women on the other hand we can also enjoy games that seem to specifically target the male audience but well made. I for example I have all the God of War games at home and I love to be "Kratos" and although the picture is so stereotypical Bayonetta, personality and way of kicking back in the game is so great that little mind to stay topless in an attack because you're more focused on seeing the massive damage that is causing your hair to the angel on duty. I still suffer from thinking that I could have lost the play Catherine (as confessed in the review I did of the game) for my own prejudices.

The idea of this article in any event is to raise a debate about the way women are represented in the gaming world. Does this seem right? Incorrect ¿? Why? How does it improve? What would leave as is? What female characters have won her heart? I think we can all be honest and civilized at the same time and despite what has happened with Sarkeesian, I still believe that as a community we can be mature and take controversial issues to the fore not tear the skin to shreds.

Picture by: Kevin Bolk