New firmware update (v4.20) for PS3 on June 26

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Technology - Video Games
Tuesday, 26 June 2012 04:00

Sony has officially announced that the June 26 release a new firmware update for your console PlayStation 3 . The v4.20 update will include some minor improvements to the system as the configuration of headphones, automatic shutdown and data saved game.

To begin, we have enabled the option to increase or decrease the volume of wireless stereo headphones, model-0080 CECHYA while they are on, so you just have to get to the option: [Level Sound] in (Settings)> ( Accessory Settings)> (Settings Audio Devices). Today was only possible to set the microphone volume when they were off.

The others are minor improvements to the console, these are focused on the automatic shutdown option PlayStation 3: (Settings)> (Power Save Settings)> [Auto-Off System], you can change the time for [Video / TV / Music / gallery] and [Games]. Another feature added to the system refers to the selection of multiple items stored in the system, that it can be found at: (Games)> (Saved Data Utility (PS3).

As I mentioned, are minor improvements to the PlayStation 3, has not even solved the problem of web browser that causes the system to "freeze" and you turn it off by force, let alone cross voice chat, I guess than those of Sony and they forgot that "little" detail.