Miiverse not be integrated with other Social Networks

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Technology - Video Games
Friday, 22 June 2012 06:00

Fische r Laurent, director of public relations for Nintendo of Europe, explained that Miiverse, the system of community and relationships that come with U Wii will not have standard integration with social networks like Facebook or Twitter because it is a system with its own characteristics, leading to a closed social network for users of the devices in the company of Kyoto.

"In Wii U have additional reasons for optimal connection, we talk about things like video chat system, nothing revolutionary, but now will be easier to access. Miiverse is a reality, and I think it has a particular characteristic, which is that we ensure that people can communicate with others in some way that makes you feel that you are in a sort of community. The community will be U Wii users that have this common interest in video games and our expectation is that going to be a way to improve the idea of ​​sharing information on video games. "

One of the controversies that have surrounded this particular social network from your ad is the fact that Nintendo will moderate the comments and interactions, making the publication was delayed until 30 minutes.

Fischer has also ruled that U Wii will have applications on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, much like the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live allow, but has said that the idea of Nintendo is to allow access to more devices Miiverse from the console itself, such as mobile phone or laptop.