A Molyneux is not convinced the Wii GamePad U

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Technology - Video Games
Friday, 08 June 2012 06:00

Peter Molyneux y la GamePad

The famous designer / developer Peter Molyneux game, has questioned the benefits the Wii GamePad U can bring to the world of consoles on the gameplay, even if Nintendo says it is a revolution in the way of interacting with games.

Molyneux has said openly he thinks that users may tire of having to divide their attention between the television screen and the GamePad.

He stated:

I have not taken a decision on the U Wii. I see people playing and sometimes seem confused about which screen should be seeing while playing with the tablet.

I also feel that monitor both screens is a bit demanding, because some games require shifting attention from time to time between the two screens.

Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft's chief marketing officer also commented:

One of the things that are interesting is, when you're playing a quick game in real time, how can you look up and down between screens?

Is not this a strange statement coming from representatives of the company recently introduced the Xbox Smart Glass technology that resembles the GamePad?

Mehdi says it is not because the smart glass that was designed with outside support means, and not essential to the gameplay.

I think it is too early to give a final opinion regarding the benefits or shortcomings of the tablet, the games shown at E3 were limited and those who tested only for a few minutes had access to the gadget. Besides the fact that we have been playing for decades in a way does not mean that users can not get used to different ways of interacting with games, of course, if Nintendo really did their homework and designed its GamePad intelligently about the way they can be used.

And finally, the chances are that if someone simply does not fit to use the new control, have the option to disable it.

The U Wii will be here later this year and that is when we can see if Nintendo really did a novel way to interact with games, or if Molyneux (who is known for giving hasty opinions) was right.