Resident Evil creator works for Bethesda in a new survival

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Technology - Video Games
Thursday, 26 April 2012 02:00

Shinji Mikami, creator of the Resident Evil series and the study's Tango Gameworks , is working with Bethesda on the development of a new project based on the survival horror genre.

The project, which aims to return to the origins of survival horror games, where the psychological terror was our enemy more powerful and the zombies were rather scarce, called Zwei.

The initial project began in late 2010, and the development seems to be at an early stage, the basic settings of the game are in the middle. It seems that they do not know exactly which platforms will be released, but Mikami said he is sure to be on HD consoles.

Mikami also said he is happy with the environment is the development environment, said to be quite ideal. Finally, the role of Bethesda seems to be giving its support as a distributor. Also asked about the meaning of the name "Zwei" Mikami said what it means to "2". However, he also commented that this has nothing to do with the game content.

It seems that Famitsu is holding some images of the game, and while watching the images Mikami said that the atmosphere that we find in the game will be very similar to that shown here. provide images at some time during this week, so we can take a look at this project shortly. We will keep you informed.