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Wednesday, 25 April 2012 03:00

The study of George Lucas, Lucas Arts , has seen a major vein to the possibilities that Kinect can offer the Star Wars franchise. In fact, it was the George Lucas who gave the approval to develop this IP.

Since the announcement, fans of the series put all their sights on this production, even saw a glimmer of hope on the part of the same, until news arrived in the form of video that I made to the outcry , the dance mode. Something totally unforgivable for more aférrimos fans and original for the most current. From here we can only say that it is a game mode that seems somewhat curious that, on the other hand, was included by request of the fans.

Leaving aside this opinion proceed realize what we really try to analyze the game moving away from any prejudice and getting carried away by what we proposed it.

The title stands out for its variety. Kinect Star Wars is divided into five different mini-games but always related to the Jedi world. Whose main mode and responds to the name of Jedi Destiny, which is nothing else than the campaign in which you play a young Padawan with a script simple enough that it could be an episode of the Clone Wars. It's kind of arcade on rails in which simple cross plataformeras areas and use our body to overcome obstacles and attacks, ducking, stepping sideways, jumping, etc.. The main task is to fight and while automatically padawan confronts the enemy, we must use force with his left hand pushing or raising objects, enemies and a sword with the right, in addition to dodge or block attacks.

In this first so you really feel like you're a Jedi. That feeling is very much in the game and those levels are not very frantic, because it works perfectly. To which we must add that any time we can point out compeñare at any time of the game.

The other four modes of play are even more curious, but somewhat more limited and especially effective in fast games and friends. Thanks to those who can recreate the pod race from Episode 1 and the Challenges of fate, or whatever it is, the confrontation with some of the most iconic enemies from the series as Darth Vader. The other two modes are intended for an audience more familiar and less on pure fan of Star Wars, since in this case we speak of a test that directly embody a Rancor, the huge beast appeared at the beginning of Return of Jedi and you tear the port of Mos Eisley. It's a fun test, fun for children of the house and entertaining for the rest, as they destroy an entire city is fun.

And so we ended up with more given to talk since the announcement of this release, the dance mode. Where we have to make the dancer within us. Yes folks, the Jedi also know how to dance! No doubt this last mode is the most casual of all, and probably was introduced to attract an audience that has a very weak contact with the Star Wars world, and may be a way to bring them to him. Seemed to us a "funny" but we did not really fit at all.

Playable, all modes are well above the system implemetados Kinect. Our movements are captured with complete fidelity, everything we do in front of the sensor will be displayed in a fast and efficient. Here the drawbacks are few, only a failure of reaction with little importance.

As for the graphic, Kinect Star Wars is at the technological forefront. Still has a very careful design of characters, mainly emphasizing the appearance of some minor characters like C3PO, R2D2 and Yoda. To this we must add the good looks that look the enemy or the animations worked each and every one of the characters. Yes it is true that the enemies give the feeling of being stuffed cloth dying, but still have to praise the good work that Terminal Reality has taken place. As well as landscapes, worthy of the universe that surrounds this popular series.

Kinect Star Wars

The worst part is the frame rate leads to sometimes suffer an abysmal fall, leading to display an undesirable and unacceptable experience. Like a bad optimization in load times. Which are often numerous and somewhat durable.

As a final point, we must mention the sound section in which Lucas Arts has been characterized by a special show cuaidado. But this time, is that you picked up a bit the hand and does not reach the excellence to which we are accustomed. Yet I must say that all off with a good result and all seasoned with remarkable dubbed into Castilian, which we can recognize the voices of well known actors.


The conclusion we draw is that after years fighting with sticks or toy swords, Lucas Arts has managed to transform us all a Jedi hinting a good idea, though fine detail better. Offering a varied degree, which is not necessarily directed more aferrimos fans of the series, but it aims to bring the saga to own more casual audience. Just tell us remains May the force be with you!