Best of the week: EA from bad to worse, Dark Souls for roleros seriously and Science is gamer.

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Sunday, 15 April 2012 23:00

If there is something hard for a gamer is to partner somo asocial beings, we just understand each other and over in an environment where men, women, the proportion is really uneven. If we add that extraversion is not something that we're known, that the hours they usually spend their youth in the rest of humanity by going to places to go hunting lease sentimental discos, pubs and similar-we use them to pass that damn level that makes us so Megaman is trapped, and that an unhealthy diet of snacks, drinks based on caffeine and high sugar content in different forms in general make us a model of grain and fofedad, say it is a miracle that any of us emparejemos and is not to reproduce. Yet we do, as we say around here, there is always a descocido broken, although in this case we call best mate or soul mate wife because if I learn that I'm calling myself descocida things can really painful . A few decades ago, a fabulous fall day like today was born precisely my soul mate, a beautiful and wonderful person that I have no way of describing things that tolerates me, and not only me but our son who unfortunately for her has come out with the same tastes of the father. Let's see how many of you get a partner not being able to convert gamer and a person beyond a Pac Man or Tetris had not touched a joystick more than 10 times in his life but a year to be with me Civilization had been completed and Lands of Lore and there is no Bomberman can resist. That and endless reasons involving love, genius, humor, infinite care of his family and professional life as a tremendous medical traumatóloga that fills me with pride, hence the painful ways in which I can be hurt-my Victoria adored I wish you a very happy birthday. Now, cutting everything above cloying the best move on to the weekly summary before you send a command to castrate group.


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And so we end this week in April averaging even with mild days warmed by the south and north with fairs and stuff. There we smell friends, I'm going to eat cake and chocolate meringue.