Quantic Dream claims that the PS3 still has much potential

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Sunday, 11 March 2012 03:05

One of the most anticipated conference in the Games Developers Conference 2012 was the technical demonstration of Kara . After this presentation David Cage, made ​​a statement to the International GamesIndustry website about his intentions for the future in which they called attention to two points enough amounts, the former is willing to be a Sony First Party:

We are open to all options, but again, we are not a study that is carried away by the money. Of course it is an important element to consider, but we will not like, "Tell me how much money you give me and do what you please." We are very passionate, not just me, if my team is incredibly passionate and talented at what we do. We are with Sony right now, so for now just work on PlayStation 3.

Words that show loyalty to Sony and that, if things go wrong and still leaving you the freedom that the company Nippon is giving all studios working for her, the marriage could eventually occur permanently. But was not it at that, since the latter part of the interview was devoted to the potential that can give PlayStation 3 :

"We are very far from seeing all that PS3 can offer is a very powerful hardware. You can still do much, people will be surprised. It is difficult to know the actual percentage that can be left to the console. Developers use the hardware in different ways. We focus on very close shots and the lighting is very important. Other developers believe that what matters is the size of the landscape that can be displayed.

Personally, I consider that it takes two to three games to really show what you can do with the hardware. The teams find the hardware, and start using. The more you use, chances are discovered "

With these statements we can say that Sony was right and that your system still has some years. Although the arrival of U Wii and Xbox 720 or Durango can (and should) to accelerate the launch of a replacement, if not lag behind its rivals. It's still great news for owners of the carrier's famous Cell chip.

Here we show a video of Cage in explaining details of Kara, and the progress of the engine on which it is based, but is in English, the video is fairly well understood. Now we shall count unto you is like the statements of "our French friend."