Baldur's Gate could announce a new release

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Thursday, 01 March 2012 09:15

baldur´s gate

Baldur's Gate could announce a new release. There are still many players who still enjoy both titles in the series Baldur's Gate, a classic in the PC role-playing games . It seemed that his name had been forgotten after the onset of Baldur's Gate II, in 2000 ... but now you can change that.

Workers at the company that developed the series, Bioware, have revived the official website. It is not simply an exercise in nostalgia, but they plan to show us something bigger ... We tell you what we know so far after the jump.

A few days ago that the service Steam Valve announced the arrival in his catalog of Baldur's Gate II Complete Edition. This already is all good news for the fans. However, Trent Oster, one of the workers involved in the "relaunch" of the page, says this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have yet to see a big surprise. Just give us a hint ... a mysterious countdown that can be seen on the web.

What will we present? A Baldur's Gate III ? Any revision to a new generation console? The bets are on the table ... and the hype of the lovers of the role, no doubt, by the clouds.