ARMA Alpha phase III open after E3 expo

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Saturday, 25 February 2012 04:00

Arma 3

In a recent statement , Bohemia Interactive makes us aware of the development of his title for PC ARMA III, which after several delays, will be released in late 2012.

ARMA II and its predecessor ARMA: Armed Assault has received rave reviews because of its realism, textures, gameplay, scale and deployment of equipment, weapons and vehicles that players can use, but have also been criticized for the quality of artificial intelligence and multiple errors or bugs that had to be arranged with several patches.

This time the developers of tactical shooter not think make the same mistakes and that is why after the expected E3 Expo will open an alpha stage of the game called "Alpha Community," where a group of users will have early access to content to test it, find bugs and offer suggestions on improvements to the game so that, in the words of project leader Daniel Musil, "is the biggest release of the series."

Of course, this alpha version will not have all the weapons, missions or area of land that will be displayed in the game finished, but will have enough content to verify the proper operation of the latest version of its Real Virtuality engine .

Here are some of the features that ARMA III promises:

  • An experience without bugs
  • Implement DirectX 10/11
  • Motion animation with Nvidia PhysX technology
  • Redesigned user interface (UI)
  • Enhanced usability
  • Easier learning curve for new players
  • Huge map
  • Compatibility with previous games to import equipment and assets
  • Extensive experience in multi-play mode

Currently not have details on who may participate in the alpha, but after this stage, Bohemia promises a beta that will allow greater public access.

Finally we left several screenshots of the game to be giving an idea of what is coming.

ARMA III screenshot 6 ARMA III screenshot 5 ARMA III screenshot 4 ARMA III screenshot 3 ARMA III screenshot 2 ARMA III screenshot 1 Arma 3