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Nintendo and Sega team up to Wii U and 3DS

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Friday, 17 May 2013 18:45

The last Nintendo Direct pre-E3 Nintendo has revealed the release dates of upcoming titles and also the announcement of a partnership between the company that owns own Mario and Sega , their first fruits are a unique platformer Sonic Nintendo platforms , a new release of Mario & Sonic at the Winter Games, and Wii U adaptation of the first two Yakuza.

Sonic: The Lost World

Nintendo and Sega have announced a partnership that will result in the output of various Sega exclusive titles for Nintendo platforms. The result of this new collaboration have unveiled called Sonic: Lost World, a platform-adventure title that will be presented at E3 in Los Angeles with their first details. The only thing that has transcended the game is the picture accompanying the story. The title could be in an advanced state of development and even be playable at E3. It is in development for both Wii U and 3DS.


Mario & Sonic: Winter Games

The next Winter Games will also have its own representation in video games. Sega has announced Mario & Sonic: Winter Games for Wii U and 3DS. The game will offer classic tests such as snowboarding or curling, along with new ones that have not been announced. It will GamePad intensive but also the Wii Remote Plus, even in combination. No departure date has been revealed for the game, but the next Winter Games are held in February, and Sega usually throw these games a few months before the event.


Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection

In the Japanese Direct Nintendo announced Yakuza 1 & 2 HD Collection, the arrival of the first two titles in the series to Wii U in HD. As an additional novelty will leverage GamePad functionalities such as the ability to have a map in the palm of your hand and being able to follow the status of your character. The launch is framed for August 8th in Japan, and whether they end up coming in the West. This is the first time the Yakuza series out of the consoles Sony, which could open the door to the Nintendo series.


New Super Luigi U

Finally the already announced New Super Luigi U also have a physical edition being offered for sale, in addition to the previously announced digital version. If you want to enjoy soon must make the digital version from this June 20, while the physical release will hit stores on July 26. This expansion feature 82 adapted to the original levels but Luigi new character, which is controlled differently and has a different hop Mario can perform. Each level for 99 seconds will be overcome, which change the experience of this expansion.


Wonderful 101

The Wonderful 101 funny Platinum Games has reconfirmed its release date for August 23 in Europe and September 15 in the United States. They have promised that more details about the adventure will be explained in upcoming events.


The entrance Nintendo and Sega team up to Wii U and 3DS appears first in Joystiq .


Nintendo at E3 but will not display their games at Best Buy

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Friday, 17 May 2013 18:36

In a move with a direct message to gamers, to approach them, rather than the media coverage, Nintendo has announced as part of its Nintendo Direct who have formed a special alliance with the retail chain Best Buy in United States, so that during the week of the Electronic Entertainment Expo remain available in their stores a number of playable demos of the company's future titles.

best buy nintendo

This was announced Reggie Fils-aime, as one of the most interesting event of the day, where the Japanese company has come to light before Microsoft and Sony to advance what their next projects and videogames door soon enrich the catalog of the console. A necessary act with excellent timing, speak before both companies show their numbers and the near future, then allow tough fight is directly between its competitors, enables a more flexible position.

The great thing about this announcement is that Nintendo again rewrite the rules, the pre-announcement would not at E3 conference had raised some controversy and hype about their stance on the new generation of consoles, however, this act, to draw their titles show floor at the expo to make them available to the players in your nearest Best Buy is something that removes barriers and allows prospective buyers to have a first-hand impression of what is coming to your console.

In the Nintendo Direct have been many more ads, same as we will be sharing here on Joystiq, stay tuned.

The week of E3, incidentally, begins June 9. Joystiq Your friendly staff will probably be too busy to make it to Best Buy though.

The entrance is not going to E3 Nintendo but show their games at Best Buy appears first in Joystiq .


Análisis the Fire Emblem Awakening

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Friday, 17 May 2013 18:20

Fire Emblem Awakening is a game of turn-based tactical battles with RPG elements in which a group of warriors must fight to become heroes or die in the process and stop the plans of three wicked conquest monarchs as they build relationships between them and, eventually marry and have children who come from the future to help out. If you do not know the saga pay attention. This is my review of Fire Emblem Awakening.


I had not had occasion to play a Fire Emblem because the most recent had been released for Gamecube and Wii systems to which I dedicated time juagr Mario Kart and Smash Bros. Fire Emblem Awakening has been like reconnect with an old friend who I have not seen for years. I could remember how much fun we had together, the unforgettable moments, small complicity ... and as he liked to put poisonous snakes in my underwear drawer.

Deadly Ambush

The Fire Emblem franchise takes pitching games to the Japanese market since 1990, so we have had over twenty years a mechanical polishing, and basic, they were very good. As a result, any failure that may find Fire Emblem Awakening I have to judge it as a conscious design decision, not something that sounded better in the heads of the development team. With that said, the only thing that bothers me about this title is the inability to predict the time and place of the enemy reinforcements arrived.


Fire Emblem Awakening continues the tradition of its predecessors to be a merciless game. A poorly positioned unit may well be killed by the enemy in a turn, if not directly in an attack. In addition, the units are dead dead, completely removed from the campaign. In a game where every character has a name, and its relationships with other small piece of plot, normal in many cases is to restart the whole battle when you suffer a casualty. When enemy reinforcements can come from anywhere and act immediately, it is not unusual that the first time you try a map accidents. Your healer, you thought was out of reach enemy could be ambushed and killed half a dozen flying units just arriving to the battlefield unexpectedly. From the design point of view, not well punish the player for a decision he made ​​without information about its consequences.

Following the recent trend of Nintendo to lower the barrier to entry in all games insufferably difficult Publishing, Fire Emblem Awakening has a way for newcomers to the franchise that revives your fallen characters after each battle. It takes away a lot of charm to the game and therefore it is optional, but it allows my twelve year old cousin can have fun with a game that I discovered too late. Of course, the classic mode is available and, in fact, is the default option.

Twenty years to make it perfect

Apart from this, Fire Emblem Awakening is the next step in a long walk that began in the nineties, revolutionizing and laying the foundation as it should become a tactical RPG. In Fire Emblem Awakening control a small group of heroes, about 6-12 in each battle, and we are faced with varying numbers of enemies with one of two goals: Eradicate or defeat the enemy commander. Surpassed Finding Number Three to one is the daily bread in Fire Emblem and if the battle begins in what seems a balance of forces should prepare for enemy reinforcements coming from your back and flanks soon.


To avoid the death of our units, Fire Emblem Awakening gives us some tools. The range of cells to an enemy threat may be seen by placing the cursor over it. With a button press, the boxes that are painted unit can attack and can combine them with the range of one or more other units. Also we can make by pressing X at any time, the total threat range of the enemy forces. Thanks to it, we know where and where not to place our fragile units, what is the first box in the settling to attract the attention of an enemy and "net you" or how much risk we run if we go with our whole group.

Just before an enemy attack, we can see a small statistical prediction of how will the clash. The information listed is from our attack will cause damage and likelihood of impact so as precise and serious the counter of our opponent. Also at this time we can choose which weapon attack, comparing different prediction results.

Will you marry me?

Fire Emblem Awakening arms retains the triangle established in its first deliveries: Swords earn axes, spears they earn, they earn swords. It also preserves the natural weaknesses of the different types of units, this time indicated and explained better than before. Flying units are weak to bows and there are specific weapons to destroy armored units or cavalry. Dragons and wyverns come into its own category and, of course, no weapons to kill them.


The heroes of Fire Emblem Awakening are somewhat less picky about their roles and can be changed to almost any class once they reach level 10. This influences the skills they learn throughout their growth, the weapons that are able to use and your options when purchasing an advanced class. This is especially important when we start talking about inheritance.

The relationships between characters system allows more tactical options, making two characters that are in adjacent boxes have the opportunity to defend or launch attacks including combined. Ending a turn next to another character builds relationship between them and the higher degree of relationship, the easier is that these supports are activated. We can also match units between them, making them fight as one. This is beneficial because the unit is supporting can not be attacked and the movement of the pair is calculated as the leader of it.


If two characters reach the highest level of relationship, are declared to each other and get married. This union produced a son or daughter who will become a playable character after recruit in some of the toughest missions without casualties solve the game. The son inherits some of the parenting skills, allowing us to customize our units more. Ultimately, Fire Emblem Awakening offers a unique experience to each player, making two people to play in parallel, end up with entirely different groups whose members have common classes and different skills.

Three wicked kings

The Fire Emblem Awakening narrative is divided into three sections, each with an antagonist. All are leaders in their respective regions and each has their methods and motivations, all arguably quite credible and accurate. Too bad his portraits and characterization deprive them of the depth of character that gave them goals. At the end are evil book that is easy to overlook but should be watched closely.


The storyline is pretty good fabric, with characters that are easy to empathize though perhaps a bit flat but decision makers as credible as heroic. But the narrative is where Fire Emblem Awakening lose more points. Many aspects of the plot, especially anything that has to do with the children who came from the future, do not have a solid explanation at any time. Then there is the inclusion of the character Strategist. This unit is the protagonist of the story and its relationship with the rest of the characters is relevant from start to finish but its impact is limited to your spouse and Chrom, the title character.

To make up the story, the graphics again a key feature of the game. The first thing I fell in love with the franchise were the animations and pixelated characters of Fire Emblem Sacred Stones and feared for the result of moving the spectacular animations fought to a three-dimensional environment. The surprise was pleasant.'s Animacione__s Fire Emblem Awakening are __ perfectly achieved, each character with their own and with each special ability causing variations in the same, just as critical strikes. 3D effect, as is obligatory comment, shines especially in traditional animation sequences, but it is tolerable at all other times.

Open world, battles closed

While Fire Emblem Awakening can be completed in its most basic difficulties involved without parallel chapters in random battles or, if higher difficulties require that we take the time to improve our heroes in battles outside history. As we complete missions or with the simple passage of time, random enemies and merchants appear on the map, offering experience, gold and items. These events can match and have a battle in which we defend the merchant from the soldiers who harassed.


Unfortunately, events have disappeared arena. Luckily, other battles come to meet them thanks to the two types of DLC are there in Fire Emblem Awakening. Through SpotPass can download, gratuitamente___, both objects and challenges to play them with a friend or teams of great heroes of the past with names: Eliwood, Ike and Ephraim are just some examples. These teams can be invoked on the map in order to trade items with them to recruit their leader or __ challenge them to a duel. This also happens with teams from other players through StreetPass.

The paid DLC, but is priced a little high for some maps, provides new classes that change our characters, bonus gold, unique characters to recruit and abilities that can only be achieved in these maps. However, the game is perfectly terminable without them and do nothing but add content to an excellent cartridge.



An outstanding game, as close to perfect it almost hurts.

Play it if:

  • You like final fantasy tactics, tactics ogre advance wars or
  • Own a 3DS gathering dust on the nightstand. This game could resurrect
  • You're a perfectionist who will not fail to repeat a mission to make it perfect

Do not play if:

  • I love the characters grab
  • It gives you bad manage resources, plan movements or, in general, be careful with what you do
  • You are more reflective reflections. Mainly play action games

Three random reasons to buy:

  • Support conversations between chapters. Pure mood
  • The three or four video scenes in which Marth Chrom and fight. Spectacular
  • The depth of skills and inheritance system

Admission Fire Emblem Awakening analysis appears first in Joystiq .


Announced Final Fantasy VIII "HD" for PC

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Technology - Video Games
Friday, 17 May 2013 16:03

Square Enix has given us a little surprise revealing the existence of Final Fantasy VIII adapted to higher resolutions in a direct conversion of the original title, apparently, no added more.

One of the dreams of most players is the announcement of a Final Fantasy VII Remake , with the expected return of Cloud, Barret and Tifa. While waiting or not, today we have confirmation that Square Enix plans to launch an adaptation with high resolution graphics Final Fantasy VIII , spreading the first two images published in the Japanese magazine Famitsu. The truth is that there appears to be any change compared to the original title, but we hope that Square Enix offers us new screenshots to see how this conversion comes.


This Final Fantasy VIII only confirmed for release in PC, and then only for the Japanese market. We echo the news for its size and the importance of the original game. Not rule out runs in the West, although it looks like one of those many quirks that Square Enix has lately. Also not clear which will include new content to the game, or that is to add some new functionality. So, for now, we can only dream, imagine, and especially pray hard to not spoil the legacy of a classic like Final Fantasy VIII. The title already has a PC version came out in 2000.

ku-xlarge (1)

Originally VIII Final Fantrasy PlayStation came out in 1999. It was the first game in the series run of those characters "superderformed" to provide a more realistic aesthetic. The plot of the game, without reaching the level of the previous game, exposing the pilgrimage of a number of young students who are involved in the future of their world. Among the main characters stands Squall Leonhart SeeD an introvert who becomes a hero, the beautiful and rebellious who falls for Rinoa Squall, Zell, the best friend of the protagonist, and Seifer Almasy, conceited soldier who is bored of the world and Partners with Artemis, the bad crappy game.

Admission Announced Final Fantasy VIII "HD" PC appears first in Joystiq .

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