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Friday, 10 May 2013 17:27

Adobe recently announced that its next version of Photoshop will not be able to buy: for use will have to subscribe to their service Adobe Creative Cloud . Before, you bought Photoshop in physical or digital format. Now you have to pay for its use each month. Although it may seem like a benefit, because the subscription is cheaper in the short term, in the long run if you drop the subscription, you will lose the use of Photoshop. To avoid this potential problem, meet online alternatives to Photoshop, so you can edit your photos without downloading any program, simply open your browser.

online alternative to photoshop

What was hitherto Adobe Creative Suite, a name that encompasses all Adobe professional applications, including Photoshop, in the future will Adobe Creative Cloud. You can no longer purchase the program, together or separately, you will have to rent them through Internet. Luckily, there are dozens of online alternatives to Photoshop web applications that function similarly to the well-known image editor Adobe. In Bitelia've seen some like Ribbet or PicMonkey . But there is more.


online alternative to photoshop

Our first candidate is iPiccy , an image editor with a very informal and relaxed, designed to perform its function without intimidating the more profane. To begin, lets take a picture with the webcam, import an image from Flickr, a link, create a drawing from scratch or upload from your computer.

In terms of functions, in addition to a drawing palette, features effects and filters to correct and enhance your images and the classic functions of crop, rotate and red-eye correction. When finished, iPiccy saves the image to your computer, Flickr or Facebook.


online alternative to photoshop

We talked about Fotor on another occasion . It is available as editor for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, but also has its online version, just complete.

His style will remind you a lot to Windows 8 with minimalist straight lines and icons. Your options are varied in color and texture filters, tools for editing and retouching, effects and even frames and objects to decorate your pictures.


online alternative to photoshop

This alternative is the most recommended worldwide, and has managed to gain the title rival Photoshop in the browser. What does Pixlr ? To begin with, a range of versions: Pixlr Editor, which is designed and modeled to Photoshop same functions; Pixlr Express for more impatient, Pixlr-o-matic to apply filters spectacular ...


online alternative to photoshop

Finally, Befunky , half way between the online image editor and social network, as well as upload and edit your photos, you can share with all the world to see the artist in you. In this regard, along with everything, and you can upload photos from your computer, with the photograph you'd go to Facebook, Picasa, Flickr or Photobucket.

In the left column has an endless list of effects, with thumbnail preview, editing options very complete palette of drawing tools, frameworks and thematic drawings to decorate photos. Impressive.

As we said earlier, online alternatives to Photoshop are many and varied. Find more professional options and other more automated for all kinds of users. Choose the best for you is a matter of taste, but all the tools are most used functions.

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Add effects to your videos from YouTube

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Friday, 10 May 2013 15:02

YouTube is more than just a video site. Besides being full of humor channels and any other subject, is also used to upload your own audio-visual creations. We have seen how to create videos with your pictures , but there is more, like add effects to videos from YouTube.

add effects to videos on YouTube

The YouTube video editor has a section devoted to the effects. There are effects to use, rather it could be classified as corrections or filters, as their goal is to add a layer on top of the moving image. To use them, you have to go to the YouTube video editor.

  • From the main window of YouTube, sign.
  • To the right of the search box, see the "Upload Video". Click it.
  • In the screen that appears, choose "Video Editor" if you already have uploaded videos you want to edit, or upload it first with the "Select files to upload".
  • In the editor, drag the video you want to tweak the timeline below.
  • By placing your mouse over the video, you will see several buttons. He who has shaped wand opens the effects. Hac click it.

add effects to videos on YouTube

To add effects to YouTube videos from this window you just have to choose the most suitable option. You can tweak the brightness and contrast, remove color, stabilize the video if moved out, zoom and apply a color filter, among the thirteen available.

The effects are:

  • Lomo type:
  • High Dynamic Range Images: The effect known as HDR, which highlights the light of the image creating a striking effect.
  • Cross Processing: Increases the contrast of the image, highlighting the colors of the account.
  • Cinemascope: apaisa the image as in film.
  • Orton Effect: a curious effect is derived from combining a blurred image with another enhanced.
  • Old: Convert video to black and dark black edges.
  • Thermal: Displays the image in shades of colors like you've filmed with thermal camera.
  • 60s: Your videos seem at the time.
  • Cartoons: It highlights the contours and colors as if the video was drawn.
  • Sepia: Removes the colors and replaces the old sepia photographs.
  • Autotroph: The video is shown in shades of green, as in Matrix.
  • Neon Green: Same as above but with effect neon light effect.
  • Engine: It will seem that you have recorded the video on Mars.

A striking option is "Better". As is the case with the same button on the Google search engine, to implement this function automatically apply corrective changes.

On the other hand, the YouTube editor lets you view real-time video as it is now and the result with filters and corrections aplicados.Cuando're satisfied with your changes, click "Save" and then you can share the video.

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Google offers a button to download archives on Google Drive

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Friday, 10 May 2013 01:44

Within the wide range of storage services in the cloud that can be found, the offer of Google, ie Google Drive , is one of the more accessible if we are users of the services of Mountain View. One advantage of this service is that, thanks to the API available, we can find many services and utilities that use Google Drive and, for example, we store our music or, by extension , save directly to Google Drive files we downloaded. With the idea of extending the use of the service and make things even easier for users, Google has decided to offer web developers a new resource that Google Drive take any website and offer a button that allows users to save directly into Google Drive the file will download.

drive to save files in google

So what's the idea? What we offer Google? Within what we offer many services that operate on the network, Google has decided to offer a button that developers and web managers can use to add to your website the ability to allow users to save Google Drive, directly, the files to be downloaded. Put another way, instead of downloading a file locally and then upload it to the cloud, this resource will facilitate things a lot because users can save files to Google Drive without having to download them.

If the idea sounds good, the use of the button is very simple because only involve a few lines of code you have to fill in the file path and the name of it, ie, in addition to offering the download of a file using the link to it can insert a button to offer more options to our users.

A very interesting resource that we can use on our website and just have to add 5 lines of code.

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The best Chrome extensions to maximize your Android Phone

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 22:40

Users of Google Chrome can leverage the experience with the browser via extensions. These are particularly useful, and, when combined with Google's mobile operating system, Android, which is present in millions of terminals around the world. How can we use it? On this day talk about some Chrome Extensions for Android users to take full advantage of synchronization.


Needless to say that Chrome for Android also has greatly improved with the passage of time, and sometimes it pays to create the account required in Chrome in order to have a more complete integration between different devices. Without further ado, we move forward with our recommendations Chrome Extensions for Android users.

Chrome to Phone

chrome to phone

The first on our list of Chrome extensions for users of Android is a well known house, of which we have spoken on other occasions. With Chrome to Phone, from Google, we will be able to send content and links to your phone directly from your browser. It is one of the practices that exist. Once you add the extension, we will find the possibility to send everything from a button that is added to the browser. In fact, we can send links, maps, selected text from a website and phone numbers. To make it work, on the other hand, we also need to have downloaded the Android app , which will receive all this information. Installing

Android Desktop Notifications

Desktop notifications

When we are not paying attention to the mobile, we can get important notifications that we need to address. To avoid these lapses while we have the phone in your pocket or leave it on the desk while in a meeting, this extension, Android Desktop Notifications, allows us to receive and read the notifications from our Android phone directly from Chrome. Just as it is with Chrome to Phone, we will add a button in the browser, and the smartphone we will have to install a specific application called Desktop Notifications will serve to send all information to the desktop. Installing


mighty text

With an unusual creativity, this is a Chrome extensions for popular Android users. Mighty Text allows you to send text messages from your phone, but using the Google browser. Not only can ship, but also we can receive. Using Google's browser also can also receive text messages on an Android tablet, allowing deeper synchronization. The extension is integrated with our Android phone and not have to do any trick: use our phone number. It is very simple to use and completely free. again, we will have to install an application on your phone. Installing

SnapPea Photos


The picture with the phones, which some dollars in the world has been called smartphoneography, you can find your niche in the synchronization between Android and Chrome. With this extension, we will be able to see photographs of Android instantly from your browser, but more importantly, we will be able to manage these photos. Instead of having to connect your device, or create a folder in Dropbox, among the various options we have to get the pictures of the phone, can be accessed from the basic tool. In order to function, not only require us to install the extension, it also asks us to download application for Android SnapPea . Installing



We have talked on several occasions about Pocket , a fantastic application formerly known as Read it Later. It has an Android app, but also with an extension for Google. With which we will be able to save articles to read later from your browser to read from the phone, and vice versa. It's super practical, especially for information junkies. If you have some time, I recommend this post with the labor practices of Pocket. As they read, they can go by downloading the. Installing

Adobe Edge Inspect

adobe edge inspect

This interesting extension Adobe allows wirelessly connect multiple devices to our computer. Thus, we can inspect the devices synchronously. Adobe Formerly known as Shadow, is a program for web developers and designers who are working with mobile browsers. It can pair the devices, and navigate from the computer as if we were on the phone. The extension requires the presence of Adobe Edge on the computer, but if we do, it is an interesting addition. Installing

Google Keep

Google Keep

It was impossible, launching a product gauge Keep Google , the search engine company's browser and we're talking not prepare a special extension. This is what we're mentioning today that allows us to save what is in our mind and then synchronize with the application on your Android device. Since this extension, we can create not only new notes but we can also organize the information that lies within. The notes do from the extension will also be available in our Virtual Disk Drive. Installing

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