Tuenti becomes mobile operator

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010 20:05

Tuenti Tuenti pasa a ser operador móvil

"Tuenti phone? Something like that, but not quite. The shift from network to mobile operator differs in what is now known as the operator itself. Offer SIM cards, though (at least for now) no phones. Through the blog of the company, Tuenti announcing this first foray with some hundreds of users are the first to try.

This is a move that will set a little bit, starting with these first invitations to some users, who with the SIM already being tested and we assume that this is by testing. These are the main features announced today through its vice president of mobile development Sean Kane

  • We must be user account with Tuenti (obvious)

  • Can only operate through prepaid card

  • When we get a message on voicemail, the phone will take you directly to our Tuenti profile instead of the sender's number

  • It is not marketed with any mobile

  • It will include Tuenti Free Chat

  • The price of calls will be 4 cents a minute between Tuenti users and 8 cents per minute to other operators

  • Compatibility with GSM phones, but we recommend the latest smartphone

Besides these features there will be other plans, fortnight or month. For example, we talk about 7 days for 3 euros for 250 minutes in addition to sending up to 250 SMS and surf with 50 megs. To conclude, I hang the last sentence of Kane, stating that this is only the beginning:

This is only the first step. Still many things to tell, even the final name and the final details of the service. If you are one of the few users who have received one of the first invitations, and are part of the movement. If not, stay tuned to your friends.

Not bad and it is a movement, in my view, that can yield big benebicios Tuenti. We assume that is due in large part to the acquisition of 90% of the company by Telefonica. In any case we have to Tuenti in a completely innovative in the sector, with a young target audience and certainly willing to use its network and operates as an all in one.

Image: Tuenti

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