Synergy-Plus program, which allows us to control with a single keyboard and mouse several machines

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Technology - Software
Wednesday, 10 March 2010 23:11

It is increasingly normal for people to have at least a couple of computers, the desktop and the laptop, being usual also run different operating systems on each machine.

If you are from these, as server and many others, it is likely that you've raised the question: and how could I manage both machines with the same mouse and keyboard? Well the answer to that question come from.

A possible solution Synergy-Plus, a free software heir Synergy (which stopped developing in 2006) with which we can use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple machines, we have even in these different operating systems installed.

So far I have not had time to test it first but look good, according to Synergy-plus several have solved several problems I had Synergy, it is completely free, cross platform, free software and its unquestionable utility. Do you know any other similar program It?

Via: Download Squad