Browsing images in Chrome

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Technology - Software
Friday, 22 February 2013 15:31

Scroll to next image is an extension that helps us use the scroll of Google Chrome differently to change an image navigation that will always have on screen, uncut, images of which we try to enjoy our favorite websites .

Picture Navigation

To start using the navigation or scroll through images, just we use the key combination Control + Down and we will automatically advance the page to align the next image in the top of the tab. Use Control + Up will to return to the previous image.

The options that complete the extension adds the ability to jump to large images, etc..

Scroll to next image can be especially useful in times when you're browsing a forum or a blog dedicated to pictures and photographs. This is very common in blogs tumble, very popular thanks to Tumblr, which usually publish information quickly and usually contain more multimedia content text. It can also serve perfectly to enjoy these blogs through services like Google Reader, etc..

I have to warn you, even a completely safe extension, in terms of installation we will be accepting the add access to all pages loaded. Not to worry, as it does only to locate images in the source code, and never sends information to the developer or others.

The input images in Chrome Navigating appears first Bitelia .