Cooking with your device: the best culinary applications

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:31

If we have learned anything, whether we like reading writing you is that there are applications for everything. With the passage of time, we have presented ideal applications for leave camp , and some wild applications which mysteriously have a relatively significant success in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Today, we will move to the area of restaurants and recipes with a compilation with our selection of the best culinary applications for different mobile devices. Whether looking for a restaurant where or when we want to try a new recipe, our iPad and our Android phone can be a big help.

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  • Foodspotting (iOS and Android): available on Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone, Foodspotting is one of the most popular applications for the lovers of the discovery of good restaurants. In this case, in a manner similar to Foursquare found in our geographical basis not only of local recommendations but specific dishes. Download

  • Yelp (iOS and Android): Another excellent application we have mentioned on other occasions is Yelp, which allows us to discover great places to eat and drink in different cities worldwide. With a large community of users that keeps the platform based on comments and suggestions to discover new places is an ideal choice. Download

  • How to Cook Everything (iOS): for those who do not have much experience in the kitchen, How to Cook Everything is a good solution. Based on a book by Mark Bittman, and includes recipes and cooking techniques that can be very useful for learning. Actually, it is a guide to cook everything. Download

  • Teach Me Sushi (iOS): and speaking of learning to cook, Teach Me Sushi app is ideal for lovers of oriental food. With so many varieties and types of pieces of sushi, it's easy for us mareemos a bit. With this application you can learn the basics to make our own pieces (with practice, of course). Download

  • Sara's Kitchen (iOS): based on the recipes of chef Sara Moulton is ideal for lovers of healthy and delicious food. This application has a large battery recipes that can keep us fed differently for months. Besides giving us a written prescription, also has instructional videos. Download

  • Basil (iOS): This application allows us to develop our culinary skills through a specialized recipe finder, a recipe editor (that allows us to aggregate personal to find recipes on the web), and, most interestingly, a timer that tells us how long we have to pass certain cooking recipe. Download

  • Great Coffee App (iOS): if there are apps for wine lovers , there must also be one for coffee addicts. And we're not talking just seeking applications cafes near us, but a list of recipes for all kinds of teas with espresso. Furthermore, we find a number of interesting facts about the drinks. Download

  • Dinner Spinner (iOS): giving a playful touch to our experience in the kitchen, Dinner Spinner is an application developed by AllRecipes platform that allows us to make a spinner with all meals, finding a varied catalog of recipes for all tastes . Do not want to cook what we had? No problem, we can re-engage to get what you really want. Or cheer for the new. Download

  • Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (iOS): Epicurious is a platform like AllRecipes recipe, which has also developed its own application. In this, we can find a database of recipes of all kinds, combined with the powerful functionality of a shopping list that tells us exactly what we need to carry out the dish. Download

  • Paprika (iOS): finally, Paprika is an interesting alternative for those who want to keep their recipes well organized, and also features a powerful search engine. Also you can edit the recipes at home, and we have different variants of organization, not only recipes but also the way we cook. Download

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