Adobe urges renewed their licenses for security updates

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Technology - Software
Saturday, 12 May 2012 03:02

The difficult economic situation we find ourselves has led many companies to face the possibility of migrating to open source solutions or extend the repayment term of the licenses they have acquired and stretch over time to acquire new licenses that replace them. The latter approach, in most situations it is quite normal because many manufacturers provide updates and security patches for its products but the market launch new versions. One of the developers of applications that have recently been talking about is Adobe and its security holes, which the company was going to be patched with security patches but in the end have been completed resulting in many cases encourage users to acquiring new licenses and update their products to the latest versions released to the market.

Were detected critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Flash Professional and Shockwave and it was normal to expect a series of updates and security patches resolviesen discovered vulnerabilities but, contrary to expectations, users of older versions of these applications (eg Adobe Photoshop CS5.5) have found that the patch is to acquire a new license that allows upgrade your installation to the latest version of the application (for Adobe Photoshop upgrade to the version CS6 ).

Specifically, except that the security patch Shockwave is free, there is no possibility of patching any older version of Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash Professional, and users who want to work on secure software will have to pay the "special price" Adobe has fixed for updates (ranging between $ 250 and $ 99 depending on application). And what about those who can not update? As we can see in the security tab of Adobe Photoshop , the company sums it up in something very simple: be careful not to open suspicious files or those desconozcamos provenance.

The truth is that the practice of Adobe surprised a little ways since "security update" does not really exist and vulnerability, assumed something dragged in several versions before CS6 is dealt with only by acquiring new version of the application. No one can deny that it is a way to raise revenue but, in my view, is too monopolistic practice and a lack of support to its users.