Facebook will enhance the sharing

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Technology - Software
Saturday, 14 April 2012 23:41

Last year, when Facebook introduced the new features in Open Graph , also opened the door for applications to publish activities after providing authorization once. This was exploited, for example, media that allows the sharing of each article you read automatically. While doing it this way avoids the appearance of annoying dialog boxes, can be a problem for privacy, so the social network thinks change .

Currently, sites like Yahoo!, Digg, ESPN and The Huffington Post share each story we see in their respective websites, automatically appearing in both the biography and in the News section of our friends. The point is that, often, it is not clear when such action is made public and what will this activity, something not very nice if we read something embarrassing content.

How do you plan to solve it Facebook? At present, two icons are being tested: if a white checkmark in a green circle means that the content has been published and is visible to other users. However, if the background is gray, the action is private. This, without prejudice to those who offer very clear alerts, eliminating the possibilities of such publications with a click and skip the ads themselves on other occasions.

This is not the first time the company introduces changes to avoid confusion. A year ago, joined the button I like the ability to preview the post that is generated, and a table to write a comment. The difference is that, at that time, also sought to remove the Share button, because several of its features were very similar.

The aim ultimately is to increase adoption of these Social Readers, which also forces many to learn a new concept of the many that relate to the service. But if we finally becomes clearer when an activity is in our account, will be a positive development. Meanwhile, remember that you can control all their publications in the Activity Log of your biography.