YouTube opens its program of income everyone

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Technology - Software
Friday, 13 April 2012 15:00

Google has decided to open the YouTube partner program, Spanish program income in an attempt to make more and more people join not only to help the community in contributing content, but also for them to receive their reward for it. What does that mean? So basically anyone who wants to make money with your videos, or at least try, you can, because the program is open publicly.

Currently the program is implemented in a dozen countries, of which there are four Hispanic: Argentina, Colombia, Spain and Mexico. So far, the program was open only to producers with the most popular video content, and offered benefits in terms of advertising in them. Now that is open to anyone who wants to join the initiative, there should be a new boom in production that can give a lot of play and offer really interesting content.

The announcement was made ​​on several blogs official YouTube just a few hours ago, and he offered a series of initiatives that will surely also help boost people's interest in this not so new way to deliver content. These include Vlogger Next, a competition to become the new video blogger success, or the Creators Club, an exclusive club where we can collaborate with other creativods of our environment.

All news about also available in the Hub Creator , a specific channel on YouTube that we find opportunities and we provide all the help we need.