IOS will allow WordPress to insert images from Camera +

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Technology - Software
Friday, 16 March 2012 22:58


One of the features that I like the implementation of WordPress for smartphones is the ability to quickly publish a post, for example, uploading a new image taken with the camera on our mobile terminal. The truth is that there are, fortunately, many applications that allow you to edit the photos on the fly, from the terminal, and work with an almost professional. In the case of IOS , Camera + is a very interesting application that allows photo enthusiasts to maximize the use of the camera of your iPhone and take pictures of very good quality, something that WordPress wants to help facilitate the publication of the same in the network and therefore the customer has integrated with WordPress iOS Camera + for easy insertion of images .

The idea is for amateur photographers using Camera + 3.0 on your iPhone, and also have the application installed WordPres for IOS 2.9.5 or higher, can publish their photos quickly since they only have to click on the button "Add photo "and, within the options, make available the ability to add photos of Camera +. Selecting this option will open Camera + to select the photo to publish and post back the issue to write the title and body of the note for publication.

While Camera + is an application rather used among users of IOS, the idea is that, little by little, the implementation of WordPress go integrating with other applications related to the images to enlarge the possibilities and options available to users, making it easier they can publish in your blog from anywhere in the coverage with mobile or wireless access is available.