RapidShare will filter content

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Technology - Software
Friday, 16 March 2012 00:14

From MegaUpload closing , the services of file hosting are in the spotlight more than ever, the possibility for users to upload there files that are protected by copyright. RapidShare is one of them, something that is well clear the number of legal battles waged. Although he won many, this time the opposite happened and should now implement a mechanism very annoying: the content filter .

This is because a Regional Court of Hamburg confirmed three judicial verdicts of lower courts, related to causes that initiated publishers and record companies. While in previous cases it was determined that the firm is not responsible for charges made ​​by the public, here is determined not doing enough to prevent violations of copyright.

Consequently, the company will be forced to filter the material is loaded on their servers, which would include thousands of titles that should be blocked immediately upon rising. Something that not only involves the risk of abuses such as those already reported IsoHunt and Hotfile , but can be easily circumvented by modifying the file names.

The fundamentals are still unknown verdict, something that gives hope RapidShare appeal and overturn the ruling. Do not forget that, last month, a ruling by the European Court of Justice's cyberlockers ruled that previously may not censor the files because that would be a violation of user privacy and the right to free information.

However, the company has always been prone to bring proceedings and to avoid any suspicion, leaving award prizes to popular downloads or closing accounts of those who had persistent breaches. For these reasons, even when this decision is confirmed against them, their owners do not believe the service is in danger . Hopefully it is resolved in a truly equitable for all.