IFTTT Recipes to take advantage of LinkedIn

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 00:59

LinkedIn is a social network that, for many professionals can make everything a springboard to new job opportunities and also new business opportunities or new projects. Within the activity of this network, in addition to "amass contacts" , we have to put in value and show the best of ourselves streamlining our profiles and participating in the conversation that develops on LinkedIn. While it is true that we should not abuse the automated content integrations, content sharing it is true that we can leverage our activity on Twitter, Tumblr and many other services and use it within LinkedIn to share content or what we do.

LinkedIn Pen - ifttt recipes

In this sense, one of the best resources you can find on the net to automate content is, no doubt, IFTTT . This service, which takes gala "make the Internet work for us," allows us to combine services and schedule tasks that run automatically when there is a "trigger condition", ie when a particular condition is met on a service results in the execution of predefined action in other service.

With this simple formula, we have already reviewed occasionally, we nurture our LinkedIn profile with content to publish status updates and, of course, we can also take advantage of the updates we make on LinkedIn for other tasks. With the idea to build on this momentum, we will learn some recipes IFTTT with which get even more out of LinkedIn.

  • In some of the reviews we have done IFTTT recipe we talked about Evernote and the ability to generate notes on this service in which to store a record of activity on a social network. This formula able to apply with Linkedin and thanks to this we IFTTT recipe stored in Evernote publications do on LinkedIn.

  • Twitter can also draw on LinkedIn and thanks to this recipe IFTTT can send publications Twitter LinkedIn perform and synchronize both profiles (which, honestly, is not something that is always recommended).

  • On LinkedIn it is not surprising share content of professional interest, something we also do other services and networks, even at the corporate level. Yammer is a social network rather used at the corporate level, besides exchanging views with our tasks or coworkers, can also be a good place to share content, something that we can automate Yammer carrying our updates on LinkedIn with this recipe .

  • Buffer While we can manage our account on LinkedIn and Facebook or Twitter, thanks to IFTTT have the ability to manage publications differently and uncoupling of Buffer management LinkedIn publications without completely decouple both services. With this recipe IFTTT Buffer can send all publications to do on LinkedIn and insert in our publications queue.

IFTTT Recipes

Share articles of interest and links is usually a fairly common practice in LinkedIn. It is not uncommon that users tend to share links to their blogs or interesting articles that are reading, an activity that we can also automate IFTTT following several recipes.

  • For use Pocket, we mark with # in the interests we share articles on LinkedIn and, thanks to this recipe will automate the process.

  • If you maintain a blog hosted on WordPress and we publish a new post on LinkedIn automate publication using this recipe IFTTT .

  • If you have a Tumblr blog can also post updates on LinkedIn with links to our latest publication thanks to this recipe .

  • In the case of maintaining a blog on Blogger can also generate a LinkedIn update automatically with each new publication thanks to this recipe IFTTT .

  • And if we're looking to use an RSS feed anyone, either by us or a third party, we can always resort to this recipe IFTTT to automatically publish LinkedIn with each new publication in the RSS feed.

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Best of the Week XVI: apps, extensions and programs

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Friday, 17 May 2013 22:01

Again Friday. So, here is the latest edition of Best of the week , where we select the applications that have caught our attention in recent days. Some of these applications have appeared in Bitelia of one form or another, through a review or a list of recommendations, while others will first discussed in some short lines. This Friday, we have an application to retrieve your lost or stolen smartphone, a tool to measure different statistics on Twitter, a new competitor to Instagram, the rebirth of Google Talk and more. As always, are welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments.

best of the week in bitelia

  • Oggl (iOS): in a world where photography applications are dominated by Instagram, Hipstamatic renews bet. Although his application for iOS has millions of fans, looking to capitalize this user presence through a new app called Oggl. Adding social features and editing capabilities, may be appealing to those looking to distance themselves from Instagram due to the intrinsic limitations of the application. We also recommend the comments that have made ​​our Unofficial colleagues about it. Download

  • Cloudii (Android): this week we told you how we can manage all the files you have stored on different cloud services through Cloudii , an Android app. With Cloudii, we will be able to access our Google accounts Drive, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Box, and be able to add more than one account for each service. With this tool, certainly the best of the week, we can upload and download files to these respective services, and see the available space in each of them. Download

  • Posts (iOS): an ideal application for bloggers, Posts was also selected by Unofficial as the best of the week in relation to applications for iPad. What we can do is find many facilities at the time of creating a post (WordPress or Blogger), and so we can work offline if, for example, we are in an area without access to WiFi. We synchronize our blog account at the same time we get a preview of the content even without being connected. If we transform the iPad into a blogging tool, is a good alternative. Download

  • Carbon Copy Cloner (Mac): This week we recommend several applications for backup on Mac . was one Carbon Copy Cloner, a tool that has three basic features of the most important. On one hand, we can clone, ie make an exact copy of your hard drive to save it to another drive and recover if needed. Moreover, also copy, without repeating the files are identical. Finally, can also be programmed to forget to backup on your computer, without running the risk of losing our stuff. Download

  • Papyrus (Web): on Monday returned to the world of ebooks with a recommendation interesting for authors and enthusiasts alike. It is Papyrus , a tool that allows us to create our own eBooks from a web platform where you can design them, create its structure, and then download in appropriate formats for all the great shops and digital book readers. In order to create our books without having too much knowledge, Papyrus is an excellent alternative as also is free to use. Website

Google Hangouts logo

  • Google Hangouts (Android / iOS): this week in ALT1040 our colleagues made ​​an interesting coverage of the event Google I / O, where we are accustomed to receive news from the search giant. One of the most stunning news was the impetus to get Google Hangouts , a feature far Google+, which will become the replacement Gtalk, Google+ Messenger, and the applications they had. So it is not surprising that many are being upgraded Talk application automatically (for Hangouts) on their mobiles. If you do not have automatic update can also be installed manually. Download

  • Twitonomy (web): statistical tools for Twitter abound on the internet, and this week we found one that has caught our attention. Twitonomy It is ideal for working with the competition, as it allows us to obtain analytical details of mentions, retweets, tweets sent and others. You can also download all the tweets from an account that is not ours in Excel for further analysis. On the other hand, we can do a job monitoring certain accounts. Twitonomy may have great potential for implementation in social media management, but for the moment its interface is a bit stuffy. Website

  • Jump Desktop (Android): What best to control our PC remotely using your smartphone? This what I have just these days and we could not include in the best of the week. With Jump Desktop, we will be able to remotely access our computer, to download our files. But also remember that we have other alternatives like TeamViewer, a favorite of the house, and RemoteToGo PocketCloud, among others. Download

  • Uranium Backup (Windows): we talked for a few lines about the backups on Mac, and within the best of the week do not want to leave out either to Windows. So also mention applications that appeared this week in programs to make backups on Windows , Uranium Backup. Basically, what we can do with this program is to schedule the copies, to send email, save files in two or more places at once, our copies in ZIP compressed to take up less space, and more. Recall that there is a free version and a fee, with the free will we be able to do the most basic things. Download

  • Prey (Android / iOS): what do do when your smartphone is stolen? One of the things we have to do before this happens is to be prevented. This can be done through the installation of a specific application , and this series of apps, Prey is the queen. With it we will be able, after creating an account, get the phone's location via GPS or WiFi, alert sounds, and also take pictures of the thief to have evidence (all this will be stored in a place away from the phone ). How could it be otherwise, with Prey can also erase data on remote computer. Download

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The best applications to increase productivity Trello

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Friday, 17 May 2013 19:32

Trello is one of our favorite productivity applications, and last week we told you about some tips and ideas to take advantage of this platform. The reality is that slowly we became Trello fans thanks to the integration with different applications, services and other. So today we'll talk about the best applications for Trello that are synchronized, which are supported, or allow us to increase our use of the platform. As always, they are more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments of this post.

Trello iPad

  • Zapier : it is a tool to automate our work. Integration has over 200 web services, among which include Gmail, Basecamp, Campfire, and more. Thanks to these integration capabilities is one of the applications that we will mention today Trello. With Zapier, we can also integrate our Trello account to sync with multiple services and add cards directly from our email from Gmail, up from an Evernote note.

  • QuickCard : for Windows Phone users, this is one of the most interesting applications for Trello. There is a free (actually has a cost of $ 0.99), but allows us to apply the methodology GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen in order to collect our Trello cards and thus increase our productivity. One important thing to consider is that we will only be able to create new cards, unable to add existing cards. There are other more powerful clients, as Trellizo , we mentioned a few days ago. However, if we are looking for simplicity, QuickCard is a good way to get it.

  • Twellio : If you do not have a smartphone and we Trello users, then this is one of the most useful applications that find. Especially if suddenly, even with a smartphone, we are outside the 3G coverage area, among other things. Through this application, we will be able to create new cards by sending an SMS to a particular number. Then, from a PC, we will be able to edit as necessary.

  • Feeds : strictly speaking, Feeds is an RSS reader to keep up with all the websites that follow. However, as Zapier, has an interesting integration with multiple services. So this application allows to synchronize with Mac Basecamp, Github, Highrise, Zendesk, and of course Trello. With feed, we will be able to obtain real-time information on your Mac to know when changes have been made ​​on the cards we are monitoring or in which we are working.

  • Gmello few days ago we mentioned Emello , an application to send cards directly from the email. Gmello has an almost identical, with the exception of being able to send the cards directly from Gmail, one of the email providers in the world. This is one of the most useful applications because Trello allows us to send our emails in Gmail directly to Trello as cards, increasing our productivity.

Trello GTD task overview

  • TimeCamp : This software time tracking allows us to do just that, find out what we're spending time on a given project. The tool also features integration with Trello, allowing us to see how long it takes the resolution of a card, or when time passes in a certain state. Thus, we can keep track of hours spent on boards and cards, ideal for power accountable when completing a project.

  • Cloudwork : it is very likely that many companies use various online services simultaneously. To have a more centralized there Cloudwork , which is precisely what makes all our applications connect cloud to increase efficiency. It has integration with the home favorite services like Dropbox and Google Drive, but also adds other services like MailChimp, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Trello. With this integration, we can synchronize our Trello account with our account of Google Drive, Evernote, and Twilio.

  • BusyFlow : the middle of last year we talked a little about BusyFlow , a tool to sync all your applications in the cloud, in one place. One of the benefits of this service is that it also features integration with Trello, so we can incorporate it as a Trello applications that we can not miss. From BusyFlow, we will be able to see the changes made ​​on the cards, comment, and create tasks directly from the platform. An interesting alternative for those who do not want to have many tabs open at once.

  • Alfred: a few days ago spoke of Alfred, a program to automate our tasks on a Mac, simply, an assistant at full speed to save time and increase efficiency. One of Alfred functionality also allows integration with Trello enabled, allowing you to use the keyword "Trello" to create a new card. While it is true that we will not be able to review existing cards without having to enter the platform, it is interesting that can be done simply. In user forums have left Alfred full explanation.

  • Fluid : closed our Trello list with Fluid applications, that is not necessarily directly related. However, with this tool we can create desktop applications for Mac to access directly from there without having to have a browser window open. The creation of the application is very simple, and with this tool, we can have a Trello in the dock, but the official app is not yet available.

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The best media center for your computer

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Friday, 17 May 2013 16:54

The media centers are used to play in one place audiovisual content, whether video, photos or songs. The concept extends to specific machines for such use-simply connect to the TV and run-and programs that turn your computer into a virtual space from which to watch movies, series, video, photographs of themselves or friends and listen to the best music, local or online. Here are some of them for Windows, Mac and Linux.

multimedia centers

The main requirement you should have is a good media center play virtually any format and media type. Given that there are hundreds of possible formats is not easy, but is essential for a quality media center. Other interesting are the integration requirements of web services like YouTube or Spotify and less resources, essential to reuse old computers connecting to the TV.

XBMC (Windows, Mac, Linux)

multimedia centers

From XBMC we talked at length . Its origin is on the original Xbox, which among other things, offered a good app for playing content. Over the years has improved more than to stand at the top spot on the list of media centers for excellence. In addition to Windows, Mac and Linux, you can install XBMC on iOS devices, Android and Raspberry Pi .

What does XBMC? Better ask what does not, as this media center honors the concept of center. For starters, plays most videos, songs and images that you may have on your hard drive, memory card or external. It also integrates Internet services for everyone, including YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and Funny or Die, among others, most in English but with content for everyone. The list of supported services is growing every day thanks to its plugin system, and third-party. Moreover, its interface design is impeccable, and with the help of a remote control is a delight to handle. It even has a section to know what the weather will and a web browser.

Plex Media Center (Windows, Mac)

multimedia centers

A XBMC has come a rival, with permission from Boxee, which ceased to be available as a standalone program and can only be acquired by purchasing the physical box . We talked about Plex, a set of applications used to create a multimedia and audiovisual content server. In our case, we want the first Plex Media Center , available for Windows and Mac As in the case of XBMC supports most multimedia formats. Its design is more sparse and dark, but its list of supported online content compensates.

MediaPortal (Windows)

multimedia centers

This media center is designed only for Windows, but has nothing to envy to Plex or XBMC. It has a sleek design, support almost all formats and even plugins to add new features, access to more content and even games. MediaPortal even to watch TV and record programs using a tuner card installed on your computer.

Moovida (Windows)

multimedia centers

From Barcelona comes this media center, one of the most recent. Compatible with the most popular formats, Moovida not disappoint the graphics. In addition, material download videos and songs you want to play to decorate your screen and provide you with additional information. Among other things, allows you to back up your DVDs and subscribe to online radio stations and podcasts. On the Internet audiovisual content is somewhat loose.

After choosing one of these media centers, and you just have to install it, make popcorn and drink enjoy hours and hours of fun with the best content-depending on your taste. Also, with a relatively good Internet connection, you'll have hundreds of videos and songs at your fingertips.

Admission Best for your PC media centers appears first in Bitelia .

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