Six companies have deals to offer 4G in Colombia

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Friday, 10 May 2013 20:43
4G in Colombia

  • The government expects full coverage for June 2014
  • Is expected to exceed licensing revenue of $ 250 million
  • Companies provide extra benefits for the country

The process of granting licenses for the new generation of mobile communications in Colombia continues. The Colombian government has reported that it has received a total of six formal bids from companies interested in offering 4G services in Colombia and are already in the process of consideration of these bids to determine which companies will go to auction spectrum.

This spectrum auction will be held on June 26. The companies will bid in this final phase gain spectrum needed to offer 4G services in Colombia prior payment of the amount delivered at auction. The government expects to collect an amount in excess of $ 250 million to help stabilize the country's economy.

Companies are interested in offering 4G services in Colombia are:

  • Sure, a subsidiary of America Movil
  • A consortium of Bogotá Telecommunications Enterprise (ETB) and Tigo Millicom
  • Colombia Telecom, owned by Telefonica of Spain
  • Avantel
  • DirecTV
  • A Mexican consortium called Azteca 4G, led by Grupo Salinas

Mobile licenses are a very lucrative source of income for the various national governments. In this case, the companies to be awarded licenses to offer 4G in Colombia not only have to pay a significant amount of money. The winners agree to provide other benefits to the country as the donation of 500,000 tablets for the education sector and modernize the army communications to 4G technology.

The government forecasts pass provide 4G coverage to all cities and towns of the country by June next year, something too optimistic in my point of view but not impossible if the companies to be awarded licenses work as is due. If the expectations are met in 2014 Colombia will join the select group of countries that already have generation networks such as Paraguay , Chile and recently Spain .


Nokia Lumia 928 es Official

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Friday, 10 May 2013 17:24
nokia lumia 928

  • It leaves us with the intrigue of the presentation of May 14 and the successor to the Lumia 920.
  • It is a minor Lumia 920 with flash, microphone and speaker.
  • It has come along with Instagram, as pointed rumors.

Nokia does not go through the best of times, and one of his saves would be the low end . But that's not saying to neglect high end, that's why in a few minutes the Nokia Lumia 928 is official, a timing surprise.

With an event within four days is strange to see how they present that becomes the successor of the Lumia 920 in a day with nothing special, apparently, although the device had already signaled clearly evident, with a teaser posted on its website, now is when Nokia reveals all specifications and availability among operators, among whom is currently only Verizon in the U.S., where it will arrive on May 16 to USD $ 99 with contract.

That's why, then, we suspect that although the Nokia Lumia 928 is official as of today, not the twist that need the Nokia Lumia 920, but we expect something bigger in the event of May 14, more than a Lumia 920 revamped with a speaker in a worse position and two additions, such as the improved microphone and Xenon flash.

Full features of the terminal are:

  • 4.5 inch display 1280x768 with ClearBlack and Gorilla Glass 2.
  • 2000mAh battery.
  • Processor Qualcomm dual core 1.5Ghz.
  • 8.7 megapixel rear camera with Carl Zeiss optics yf/2.0 with image stabilization and Xenon flash.
  • 1GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory.

Besides today is when the Nokia Lumia 928 is official, the possibility that come with this terminal Instagram is rather poor, but seeing how the true renewal of the Nokia Lumia 920 will come from the hand of another terminal on May 14 we might expect it to be with this new model that we do not know with whom comes the long awaited application.


Orange will offer 4G in Spain on 8 July

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Technology - Gadgets
Friday, 10 May 2013 11:30

  • Since 8 July in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Murcia
  • Nine other cities will have it by 2014
  • In 2014 reach all provincial capitals

Have been advanced to Telstra. If the fourth operator in Spain announced days ago that its LTE arrive on July 18 , the Orange 4G will come even sooner. Specifically, on July 8, in a few Spanish cities to go gradually spread similar to what Telstra raised.

At first, this July 8, Orange 4G will be a reality the first cities to have: Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville, Malaga and Murcia. Subsequently, nine others will enjoy it too, before the end of 2013: Zaragoza, Bilbao, La Coruña, Palma de Mallorca, Las Palmas, Alicante, Córdoba, Valladolid and Vigo. Subsequently, Orange hopes to continue expanding its 4G network to cover at least all the provincial capitals in 2014.

The main tare 4G Orange, which continues to be the same as that of Telstra, is the band used, the 1800 MHz, more powerful but very poor coverage inside buildings. The band hope to use all the operators, the than 800 MHz, indoor respond correctly, although it can be used soon. Specifically, the January 1, 2014, when Vodafone 4G also come as at MWC 2013 announced its willingness to wait before you can use the 800 MHz band Moreover, Orange used from the beginning of 2600 the band MHz apart from the 1800 MHz, allowing you to offer speeds up to 150 Mbps.


Five games to lend to run without end

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Technology - Gadgets
Friday, 10 May 2013 02:29
Infinite career games in the third person

Infinite career games in third person enjoy good popularity thanks to the success of the series Temple Run. The success of the series has led to the emergence of new titles similar cut with different aesthetics and variations.

Infinite career games in the third person are ideal companions for those times when we have dead along the day. These are games that require our full attention helping to distract from the daily chores and the typical duration of a game is appropriate to kill time without be long too, which could cause frustration if we have a good run and we have to leave the game due to time constraints.

There is a wide variety of infinite career games for smartphones in the third person. In Gizmodo help you choose presenting a selection of the best titles in the genre that you should try. Many are free, so there are no valid excuses. Begin.

Temple Run Saga

In the history of video games sometimes you see a title that popularity and charisma just favoring the arrival of new games similar cut. In the case of genus before us, endless running game in the third person, this game would be Temple Run, and become saga with its aftermath.

In Temple Run should run away from a temple after stealing a sacred idol while being pursued while dodge different obstacles in the game. Use tilt control to control the character and some gestures on the screen to dodge various traps. Two sequels are set in Disney movies Brave and Oz. Download:

One Epic Knight

Not all infinite career games in the third person are reduced simply to avoid traps. In One Epic Knight we have the ability to pick up objects along the way to allow us to deal with the enemies that appear and destroy some types of obstacles.

One Epic Knight includes secret doors, treasures and different cameras to get achievements, having different objects that can be purchased with the accumulated credits obtained in our games. It also allows customization of the character with different outfits humorous cutting, humor is not lacking when affixed to the walls. Download: App Store (Free) | Google Play (Free)


The name says it all: run and gun. In Run'n'Gun we go hunting instead of fleeing persecution or some other type of danger, chasing some evil elves lose coins for each trigger received. In Run'n'Gun have also the possibility to capture using our networks.

Infinite career games in the third person

Run'n'Gun controls are very similar to those of Temple Run for what you've previously played the title you should not adaptaros enocntrar no difficulty to this game. There are many missions and achievements to get us an extra point added motivation to return to the game, like the ability to challenge our Facebook friends. Download: App Store (Free)

Running with Friends

Zynga recently launched game, provoke avalanches company famous for annoying Farmville notifications on Facebook. In the Running with Friends adds a Spanish company to one of the infinite career games more fun to locate in the festival of San Fermin in Pamplona.

Infinite career games at third peresona

Since it can not be otherwise we will have to flee dodging bulls different types of obstacles are not always static. Zynga is faithful to its tradition of social games and to compete against our contact Facebook but you can also search by username opponent or let the game choose for us a rival to our level. Download: App Store (Free)

Running Fred

Running list ended with Fred, a set of third-person race, plus a traditional mode levels, has a funny way with difficulty endless increasingly devilish at the same addictive in which not only have to dodge obstacles but we have to be careful that Grimmy, death, we do not reach.

Do not be fooled by the simplicity of their graphs: Running Fred abundant in blood. However way you can remove gore in game settings to prevent more little kids see too much gratuitous violence. Speaking of adjustments, Running Fred iCade is compatible with and can be activated in this menu on the iOS version. Download: App Store (Free) | Google Play (Free) | BlackBerry World (0.89 € | $ 0.99)


This is the new (and beautiful) portable charger Nokia

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 23:36
Laptop Charger for Nokia

If something can be deduced from the activity of Nokia in recent times is that he is running his hand over his rivals face in design. In the hands of Windows Phone software innovation has been innovative in hardware, in the Lumia as in Asha. And now even in accessories as nice as the new portable charger , which has appeared in four colors for the Lumia integration is complete.


YouTube launches paid subscription channels

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 23:32

Eventually the rumors were true and YouTube just launched a pilot test where some channels premiered a monthly subscription, which will have to pay to access the content. At the moment they are in test mode and the channels that are committed to this model are large enough media channels but it is an idea where is the future of payment for content.


Today YouTube finishes with "all free" on the internet and takes a step in a direction that it was quite expected by many. Gone are those who said that YouTube would not be profitable and to pay for web content video would not be possible. Today debuts this model that currently has few channels and where most of them are large companies. But the future of many "youtubers" can happen not only for the YouTube partner in charge of advertising where users see, but for this option you will be these same people who pay to see the content.

Of time the selection is limited and varies depending on the area. In Spain, for example, not all channels are available and prices range from € 1.49 per month for Comedy.TV to € 4.99 from UFC Select . Some also offer the option of an annual payment, a free trial for 14 days and assure us that we will have exclusive content. This gives us the option to see programs that until now could only be achieved through torrent and now we have a platform to view this content. Will we end up watching episodes of series on YouTube for a monthly fee?

Who knows but does not surprise me that the future happen around here. A point to consider is the price. If channel is not paid a lot of money but in terms of pay monthly disbursement few ups and more, so that in the future would be very grateful to have a flat fee. It is possible that as users increase, prices fall.

This model seems very successful and we take user-friendly platform with the fact that many have already set the credit card to buy Android apps. It is something that has many numbers to do well and would have to provide that anyone who believes the content is put online to be enjoyed smoothly and without delays.

Entry YouTube launches paid subscription channels appears first in Gizmodo .


Amazon develops eye-tracking 3D smartphone

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 23:09
Amazon 3D Smartphone

  • Smartphone 3D without glasses and eye tracking
  • This smartphone would be different from the model previously rumored
  • Join the smartphone is 4.7 inches is expected in the second half of the year

Since the e-commerce giant Amazon decided to go for developing their own hardware are numerous rumors that the development of a proper smartphone . Today we find an important news about the future plans of the company and that they would be developing a 3D smartphone from Amazon.

Amazon This 3D smartphone would have nothing to do with anything previously rumored . It should have a screen with 3D technology without glasses that allow displaying images in three dimensions that would create the effect of floating above the device's screen a hologram style. Amazon 3D smartphone would also comprise eye-tracking technology that would allow some control of the device by following the movements of our eyes, in the style of Samsung Galaxy S4 .

In the past we have received different reports on a Amazon smartphone 4.7 inch would be ready in the second half of this year. These reports are not contradictory since Amazon would be developing both models with new devices at its research center in Cupertino. In this research center would be investigating, plus Amazon smartphones, other gadgets as an audio device, iPod style, but from the cloud.

Amazon's commitment to develop hardware in several different fields reinforces the feeling that this will be his future strategy for the coming years. It will be interesting to see the evolution of the development of products like Amazon 3D smartphone due to its particular philosophy of selling the hardware with little profit margin to compensate with increased sales at different stores music, books and apps. Its traditional devastating price together with a fairly comprehensive ecosystem built and makes it one of the most dangerous opponents for large sector.


Amazon podria be making a phone with 3D screen

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Thursday, 09 May 2013 22:11

Sources familiar with the company's plans have told WSJ that the future of the Amazon phone which we have spoken in recent months, will have a 3D display. What's more, these sources have revealed that Amazon plans to grow in the next years the market are clearly focused on the hardware world.

amazon phone

According to sources, this high-end device will have a screen to let you view 3D images without glasses. Thanks to the retina tracking technology, users will be able to navigate through the content using just your eyes. The images look like they are floating on the screen as a hologram in three dimensions from any angle.

In addition to phones, Amazon is also interested in building audio transmission device connected to the iPod-like cloud. By the time these devices are apparently experimental, Amazon engineers would realizándoles tests for months at one of its facilities in Cupertino.

In the field of telephony company surprised us late last year with the approval of the patent office of the United States of a curious airbag that will protect our mobile devices accidental drops.

Basically, the system would use a number of sensors such as gyroscopes, cameras, infrared or radar capable of detecting the movement, direction and distance of the object relative to another, to determine the fraction of a second, if the device is at risk of impact and automatically activate the airbag.

Undoubtedly, this type of patents shows that Amazon is thinking a lot about all kinds of mobile devices, not just Kindle Fire, but also smartphones or music players connected to the cloud for the near future.

Admission Amazon could be making a phone with 3D screen appears first in Gizmodo .

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