RJ45 Cable for iPhone, no use for ethernet ... for now

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Monday, 07 March 2011 15:25

Adaptador para ethernet de iPhone Devices with iOS have long been a favorite of companies to bring to market all kinds of accessories and sometimes are rather unique, as this note, we refer to a cable to connect any device iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad) to a Cisco console port via RJ45.

Thanks to this user console cable CISCO routers can perform maintenance, repair and disaster recovery operations through a console port with its iPhone , which is something that sounds very comfortable and in particular what would have appreciated from long. To use it requires the installation of the application for the console, available on the AppStore at a price of $ 9.99.

The cable does not have Ethernet capabilities so that most users would not be very interested so far in this press release, despite being a good application and very useful for users of mobile devices from Apple related systems industry information, but applications that could have an Ethernet cable are many, ranging from use wireless Internet to users who do not have data plan or do not have unlimited plans and the wireless connection is not available, to access to local networks for security in offices where the Wi-Fi access is prohibited and finally the file transfer faster.

Aplicación Cisco para iOS It is not as preposterous the idea of using this cable to perform those tasks, because although the cord at the moment have no more use than the application described by its creators, not to say that I think Hackers same and find a way to use this strange attachment.

The adapter is priced at $ 69 and is available only in the UK, but if hackers do their homework, do not be surprised to see this kit for sale in many web's of accessories for Apple.

RJ45 Cable for iPhone, no use for ethernet ... for now written in Gizmóvil on 7 March, 2011 josebadiano
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