LG B: the world's thinnest smartphone

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Friday, 17 December 2010 19:13

It seems that after missing a long time, LG has decided to put the batteries in the field of high-end phones. If yesterday we saw the information on the dual-core beast is LG 2x Optimus , now we are told (even unofficially) introduced the LG B , which is the world's slimmest smartphone to replace the iPhone 4 , he held that title until now.

LG B 1

In the photos after the jump we see the comparative thinness as both screen on two market benchmarks such as the iPhone 4 and S Samsung Galaxy .

Given the iPhone's 9.3 mm 9.9mm 4 or S Galaxy, the truth that the LG B looks really good ... of a narrow, because the longer your 4-inch screen obviously makes it more cumbersome than 3, Apple Terminal 5, yet is smaller than the Galaxy S.

lg b4 550x412 LG B: el smartphone más delgado del mundo

On the screen, it said it would WVGA LCD and ISP, as shown in the picture looks brighter than those of rivals Discussed (although these are total guesses, since they can be manually tweaked level brightness of each terminal to make it look like the LG better.)

lg b 550x345 LG B: el smartphone más delgado del mundo

In the comparison chart below, you can see the features of the LG screen B to what would be the iPhone 4 (R) and the Galaxy S (S). Again, as saying that song Carrà: rumors, so lets take it as such.

lg b specs 550x370 LG B: el smartphone más delgado del mundo

Nothing more is known about the terminal, apart from the 3.5 mm jack is shown in the photos and that in this way the manufacturers will not have room to place.

It is expected the official launch of LG B in the CES (6-9 January 2011), so as the English say ... Stay tuned!

LG B: the world's thinnest smartphone written Gizmóvil December 17, 2010 by uriulet
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