Nintendo in 2010, what's next?

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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 12:03

Satoru Iwata en el GDC de 2009

Satoru Iwata at GDC 2009

What is the next thing you have or are preparing to Nintendo? While everyone is dreaming of a second version of Wii, Nintendo because it's true, it is time to update this console, Satoru Iwata has talked about Nintendo's new hardware which shows some bits of information of what can 2010.

The information is very brief, it seems that HD finally comes to the Wii in its next generation, there are also rumors that the next Nintendo DS will have more graphics power, but do not think it's in HD. As a good public persona of a company such as Nintendo, could not give more details because his job is at stake if he says something normal, but what's next for Nintendo?

Given that there are only two Nintendo consoles that should be worth maintaining attention, talking about Wii and DS.

On Wii, although Nintendo has always gone down a path very different from Microsoft and Sony have always said that he has never been his intention to compete with Microsoft or Sony, mostly because its Wii game console and are appliances and apparently so different, much simpler than it is where his power, simplicity and ease of use of the Wii and its games.

Nintendo Girl

Wii has been and is a tremendous sales success because it is a modern device that revolutionized the way of playing games, the first console that really forced you to do some exercise, but more importantly, Nintendo has found a new sector capable to play: around the world. How can you improve a Nintendo console while it is fun and with great success, often at 6 months is not re-ignite?

That's easy, to develop it into a media center. This is the formula of Sony and Microsoft, have turned their consoles into something more than a game console to prevent compulsive buyers who are not quite sure that this console is better than to play the games that came in the pack to buy, can continue using it. Furthermore, access to content services such as movies or series always brings extra money.

High definition is no longer something to be asked in the new Wii is that it is something that should necessarily reach, but not for games, seriously, why someone would want to see a puppet in high definition? If Nintendo Wii focuses its entertainment, at least make it more complete, "a Blu-ray? Well, I think is unimportant, mostly by the dubious sales of films and games do not need as much capacity ... for now.

DSi XL en rojo

What about Nintendo DS? After the shock of the new Nintendo DSi XL

By God, update already. Nintendo keeps selling and selling many Nintendo DSi will, but not take away from the eye or Apple, the iPod Touch is, though not enough, a direct competition to the DSi. Both are highly portable devices with touch screens and games are pretty fun, but Apple has a big advantage over Nintendo, the games do not have to buy a cartridge, the you can download at a time from any computer, but look carefully ... prices for iPod Touch games are ridiculously low.

Can Nintendo compete against falling prices in the games so hard? Can you turn your Nintendo DSi in something better or equal to the Touch? On the one hand of course they could, but then again how to play with a DSi seems to be more different than it appears. On the one hand because the DSi games are usually longer than the iPhone, also because there are very sectarian games, especially games that have arrived from japan incredible sales. But Nintendo can not ignore that the future the reality of game consoles is to download games on the go and even to download them from either side (it was rumored that he would one DSi with 3G).

They also need better graphics, but there are a couple of rumors that the next DSi will come with powerful graphics and the NVIDIA Tegra, but of course, rumore rumore ...

This is today's dose of platitudes about Nintendo, but luckily in this company have always managed to surprise, in 2010 we expect to see major improvements to Nintendo, because today is adapting to the environment or improve it have to remain relevant.

Note: While still maintaining FaceBreaker they change what they want, what most addictive game!

Photo: Wired