What's New In 8.1 for Windows should succeed?

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Monday, 15 April 2013 14:24

Much we talking in recent weeks about the features of Windows Blue, recently known as Windows 8.1, a major update to hit the new Microsoft operating system during the second half of this year to meet many of the needs that consumers and improve many of the weaknesses in the system.

blue windows features

Since early February we mentioned that possibly the strategy that Microsoft was going to continue to change the life cycle of their products bringing it closer to the model they are used to Windows Phone users, who receive a major upgrade of the system is completely free of year. A model that is most similar to Apple for years that the traditional, whose main advantage is to reduce the digital divide between operating systems. Recall that Microsoft launched its operating system every three years and the jump from Windows 7 to Windows 8 was probably too excessive for millions of users who are accustomed to traditional models.

We will not be those who find that Windows 8 has received millions of criticism for the way you have mixed your home screen with a touch interface focused and consumer world, with traditional desk job to which users are accustomed and that worked perfectly in Windows 7 to the point where it became the best-selling operating system in history.

Now that Microsoft has the opportunity to launch a major upgrade with many changes, most of them away from the realm of performance, to focus on new interfaces and functionality, we wonder, what news should have Windows 8.1?

Desktop Classic Home

Traditional users with whom Microsoft conquered the market with Windows 7 were consumers who need their devices primarily for work. With the introduction of Windows 8, the company focused more clearly for content consumption environment, which makes sense since it is the order of the day, but neglect their main weapon, productivity. Although we have maintained the classic desktop, with some important changes have not liked, we can not forget that as the system is simply start another application. The millions of consumers do not want traditional reboot and having to go through a home screen too innovative to be comfortable with the windows desktop.

blue windows features

Recently it was discovered through a line of code in one of the latest builds of Windows 8.1 that the new system update will allow users to log directly to desktop mode without having to go through the login window. Clearly a decision taken by the feedbacks that users have sent to the company.

In late November last year I commented as optimize Windows 8 for desktop usage where one of the key was to start directly within the same system with a few simple commands specified step.

Start Menu

If Microsoft finally decided to pay more attention to the desktop would be a good option to return to the start menu incorporating traditional. For most users who are not used to the new gestures or bar access buttons they find it much more difficult to find your documents, tools, settings or control panel in Windows 7.

With the addition of this new feature professional users who do not want a device to consume content but to create them feel much more comfortable in a workspace exactly like Windows 7 but with advantages in performance far greater.

Customizing Home Screen

This time we move away from the classic desk to focus on the big news of Windows 8, your home screen, a space designed for touch devices featuring the new modern interface of Microsoft.

blue windows features

So far the customization options for many users are too short, the colors available are scarce topics, you can change almost the appearance of hubs and the bottom of the home screen is preset by default loaded some tunes without the ability to choose our own background.

In late March unofficially confirmed that Windows 1.8 would add the ability to resize the hubs of the home screen in the same way that users can make Windows Phone 8. The main advantage of this functionality is that the user can choose which active windows are those most important to him so they can expand their size or receive as much information and vice versa.

These are just some of the innovations that should have Windows 8.1 to improve customer satisfaction and thus sales in a market that has more and more competitors willing to take the job at Microsoft with new operating systems and devices.

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