How to fix the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8

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Wednesday, 27 March 2013 01:21
Nokia Lumia 920

GDR2, the next update of Windows Phone, is about to be released to the general public. In Celularis We could try it, but with a problem with code 8000ffff because of bad restoration system device that Microsoft has implemented in his shop. Let's see what it is, what causes it and how can it solucionarlo.Ya Lacort Javi commented a few days ago in his attempt to migrate to Windows Phone 8 with Lumia 920: the platform still lacks maturity for more experienced users, and I think this is one of the key points where there is still an improvement. While the move between devices and restore the same has improved chasm between Windows Phone 7 and 8, the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8 is obvious that there are still aspects to improve.

For those who do not know, GDR2 means "General Distribution Release 2", ie, an update for Windows Phone that does not change the version number, but it does include substantial developments, ie is the next update comes after Portico and before the rumored Windows Phone Blue. Having explained this, let's look at the root of the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8, what causes it and how we can fix it.

Although in my case the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8 occurred at a Nokia Lumia 920 , the Lumia excluviso not 920, and it is due to how the system is implemented Application Recovery Microsoft shop. Basically, the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8 is to have applications that appear on the list of the same, but with name "Downloading application" and unable to download from the store, since we can not even see what application is. This happens when we restore the phone from a previous point to avoid having to go to the website to reinstall the applications you already had.

[Caption id = "attachment_150860" align = "AlignLeft" width = "300"] WPXBOX WPXBOX [/ caption] This is due to the dependencies between applications and applications that are not visible to all devices or in all cases within the app store. In itself the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8 does not give us many clues about it, though, in my case, I managed to find out where to download Nokia Maps BETA HERE on my Lumia 920, one of the applications that had not started out the name downloaded, so also must be added as a cause of error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8 applications that you purchased outside the store or not downloaded by default to the terminal to be part of a beta program.

Fixing the error 8000ffff Windows Phone 8

Then, knowing that we depend on other applications, we do not know his name, and we can not access them in the store looking for if we knew your name, what can we do? Easy:

  1. Let the application list.
  2. Long click on one of the applications in question.
  3. We click and we share the email we sent ourselves.
  4. Open the mail, we click on the link and install the application.

Not the most orthodox of course, but until Microsoft, or Nokia with Lumia 920, provide a better solution, we will send one to one link to download the application to fix the error 8000ffff of Windows Phone 8 .