HTC Sense Blinkfeed and 5, bringing common sense to the interface

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:03

It seems that HTC has not only made ​​good terminals with Windows Phone 8, as the Windows Phone 8X , but has learned from them, learned from a manufacturing process directly facing the software would incorporate the phone and one of its greatest assets: the live tiles. A little of this is what it shows in Blinkfeed HTC, one of the features of the new Sense 5, 4.X Sense evolution, customization layer that HTC put its Android phones, like many others, did not only worsen the situation. In short: HTC Blinkfeed is how to create a flow of information on your home screen.

htc blinkfeed
The truth is that Sense had matured a lot, from the looks bubbly had a HTC Desire, for example, an HTC One X , one of the last to come forward by HTC, which already showed signs interface to a General asobriamiento , which is what finally happened Sense 5, where HTC have included Blinkfeed.

HTC Blinkfeed Defining what we see is a screen sharing system with adjustable flow of information, ie, a concept similar to the live tiles, but not the same visually, clearly. Also remember a little Flipboard. It's a social feed live, but not a social widget only, which is what I want to be clear. Yes, there was a Widget Sense to see what your friends were doing, another to see how it was the day in Madrid or Buenos Aires and another to see how the results were out of the 6 Nations match. HTC Blinkfeed But what it does is put all important information in one place. This has brought together several sources of local information and media such as ESPN, MTV and Reuters as agreement to serve content from them.

Why is it important? Removing functionality, which is important in itself, Blinkfeed HTC Sense is a change, it is the first time instead of doing more bombastic interface, simplify, minifican and do something that is useful to the user, rather than fill it with more bubbles; Sense takes several features that were disrupted in the form of widgets and links. HTC is when he realizes he has to take a good software, apart from a good hardware to succeed, and that makes good kick.

Admission Blinkfeed and HTC Sense 5, bringing common sense to the interface appears first Celularis .