Availability of HTC One in Latin America

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013 00:30

If we have told this morning to detail its amazing features, now we are able to tell what will be the availability of HTC One in Latin America. So far, we have confirmed Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico and Venezuela, with their operators.


There are few times when a mobile phone is presented and availability is not revealed. Nor are few occasions when it reveals itself, but becomes partially, and when this happens, America is often forgotten.

This time, in the presentation of HTC One , the new flagship of the Taiwanese, not the case. Among the confirmations of the worldwide availability, several Latin American countries have been included for information about operators who distribute. So we went to see the availability of HTC One in Latin America ...

  • Argentina: Claro and Personal
  • Mexico: Iusacell and Telcel
  • Venezuela: Movistar
  • Chile: Entel
  • Peru: Claro
  • Puerto Rico: Claro

In principle, these are the operators that HTC has officially confirmed as distributors of HTC One in Latin America, which does not mean that in the future, near or close, can not add another. Same for other countries in the rest of Latin America, which may not have been confirmed yet.

If the question now are the dates of availability of the HTC One in Latin America, the answer is a bit more complicated. While Taiwan has indicated that it will be from March, a specific date has not been confirmed.

Entry One HTC availability in Latin America appears first Celularis .