FIFA introduce technology the goal line in the World Cup in Brazil

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 23:06

Finally the FIFA has decided to step forward and invest in technology to eliminate some controversy that could arise in games that were ridiculous, especially when the possibility that did not happen was real. All they had to do was to use common sense. Powered by the goal line is supposed to be finishing ghost goals and the feeling you get when your team scores a legal goal but the referee does not see it. The systems used so far are 2, the Hawkeye technology and technology in goal and will be implemented in the 2013 Confederations Cup and the World Cup 2014.

goal line

So far the technology was tested in World Cup 2012. But up to that point the proposals had to pass many tests. After Lampard's ghost goal in the last World Cup, that the disposal cost for England, FIFA decided it was time to find solutions. That is why today has opened the period for suppliers to propose different solutions. This proposal will add to the two suppliers who have been certified by FIFA and its technologies have proven to work correctly.

On the one hand we have the Hawk Eye technology, known in the world of tennis. It is based on placing cameras in strategic points of the field to record the goal from different angles. When the entire system is calibrated passed by software that "displays" the ball and analyzes whether it entered fully into the goal.

The other certificate system is perhaps easier to install and compact. Goals is to replace lead by a special sensors. Everything is wired to a rack with a computer that sits back and analyzing the information that comes from the goal. With both systems the referees receive information on whether a goal has been wristwatch special. All in 1 second max.

Both systems were tested over a period of two years before the final test in the Club World Cup in Japan this past December. In April we will decide which proposals passed the test and passes used in the Confederations Cup and World Cup Brazil 2014.

Admission FIFA introduce technology goal line in World Brazil appears first in Gizmodo .