Nokia Pureview Lumia line will "soon"

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Monday, 09 July 2012 20:40

I think it was clear that technology Pureview Nokia is more than a simple image enhancement, unfortunately it seems that is too big for the first terminal to be launched with it and the first thing we ask is why was not released in the range Lumia . While some time has been rolling this rumor on the web is far more details were revealed incumbent on the camera and software improvements to the apparently will continue to benefit Nokia handsets.

Nokia Lumia 900

According to what Richard Kerris reveals , Pureview technology could "soon" to terminals Lumia. Nor is it now, but by what comes from Nokia might expect the first Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 8 is in charge of brand one of the best cameras on the market designed for smartphones.

And not only is the word photography that will highlight the new Lumia, the snub of not updating the current to the latest version will come with new designs and ornate curved screens and flexible addition to usability improvements in the software to automatically adapt and "hide "working papers when we are not in the office or even when a child is using the terminal. Quite useful security measures that more than one grateful.

October could be the date when the new reveals that Microsoft and Nokia are planning. For this time it is expected that Windows 8 is made official with the whole string of manufacturers who expect to support the platform and that of course would be a good time to show more details of Windows Phone 8.