Diferencias entre Windows Phone 7.8 y Windows Phone 8

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Technology - Gadgets
Tuesday, 10 July 2012 02:08

It gave us a preamble, so we have an idea of how it will be Windows Phone 8 in future terminals and obviously, after that announcement, it was mandatory to know Windows Phone 7.8 , the version that would end currently on the market Microsoft operating system that will not strictly the improvements in this version .

So far we only know that to cover the failure of compatibility in these versions the home screen and "other improvements" will be added to existing terminals to not notice the difference in some respects, however, as this still does not have to specify speculate a little and abide by what in theory, and because of what we are showing , we can imagine.

The first thing to note is that the basis of the difference between 8 and Windows Phone Windows Phone 7.8 is that the former has the good fortune to take immersed, that is, of services and applications natively in the second will be offered as separate applications as if they were third. For example, Skype is now an official application in Windows Phone 7.x, in the next update will remain the same but in Windows Phone 8 is an integrated service so it will behave as the application of calls and have direct access without going through the process of opening an application.

But not only a VoIP service, voice-recognition-Bing improved only available in the new version and Internet Explorer 10, WP 7.8 will retain the benefits currently offered today Bing and Internet Explorer version 9. The update via OTA (Over The Air) will also be supported only in Windows Phone 8, Phone Windows 7.8 users will be limited to receiving a notification of a new update for when a new version becomes available. File synchronization leveraging cloud services from Microsoft will also be at a disadvantage, Windows Phone 8 will sync everything, will be integrated into the system, while the 7.8 is just as it is: just synchronizing with applications like SkyDrive or Office. I want to see how Microsoft will keep pace in performing further improvements we will see in Windows Phone Windows Phone 8 to 7.x, hopefully not end up getting tired of doing the work twice, in fact, see it as a platform such as IOS or Android would be a great idea.

Microsoft have yet to share more details and I guess we'll know in a couple of months, we can only keep in mind that the integration of native services will be an advantage because being immersed in the system may be improved in a unified way.