Google Android NIEGO Teng virus that sends spam, such as Microsoft dijo

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Sunday, 08 July 2012 02:00

On Tuesday of this week, an anti-spam engineer at Microsoft, reported on his personal blog that Android may be suffering an attack would create a network of spam from these devices, sending spam from Yahoo accounts on the terminal. Now Google disputes the terminals and Microsoft says it was assumed that this was the source.

Android Virus

It all started when Terry Zink, of MSFT, spam detected with the signature "Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android", so without thinking twice, he had decided to write an Android device network that engaged in spam, infected by any malicious application. Sounds plausible, no? Yes, the security weakness of Android has been tested many times malware applications up to Google Play in 2h and therefore there antivirus platform (but also allows wonderful things ), but make sure that things must be discover always paramount.

Now Google says the evidence does not prove to be a network of androids which sends the mail.

Our analysts have suggested that spammers are using mobile PCs infected and counterfeit signatures to bypass anti-spam mechanisms in the email platform they are using.

More importantly, Zink and Chet Wisniewski, who sounded the alarm and who supported him, now say they were not sure that they were of Android.

In addition, Yahoo is investigating the matter, yet it is possible that they are handsets with Android, but as The Verge : the evidence points in that direction, but we are less safe ... and less confident in them.