Rumor: Google is working on a Nexus 10

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Technology - Gadgets
Saturday, 30 June 2012 01:01

Just a couple of days was presented the Nexus 7 , device that Google intends to fully enter the tablet market to address both the iPhone and the Kindle Fire. According to reports the Digitimes website, Google is preparing a 10-inch version of the Nexus 7. Although there is little indication that the reports of the site, the idea of ​​a larger tablet by Google does not sound crazy.

According to Digitimes , in addition to 500,000 seven-inch touchscreens for Nexus 7 ordered in June, Google would also have ordered the Chinese manufacturer Wintek, in conjunction with AU Optics a batch of screens of 10 inches. Although the rumor sounds pretty likely, Digitimes has a history of not being very successful in terms of prediction of new products in question. With the introduction of the Nexus 7 so recent, it is normal that Google has not mentioned anything about it and possibly the confirmation will not come soon.

At the same time, the publication said that Wintek is the largest supplier of touch screens for Google. With 500,000 ong glass touchscreen solution (OGS) during this month and reaching one million units between May and July, it is clear that Google intends to sell a lot of Nexus 7. And no wonder, a big bet the company is in the Nexus 7 affordable, because it depends the future of the company in the market for tablets.

Google will first need to be measured with the Kindle Fire with a similar strategy, affordable, smaller-screen, the tablet from Amazon has been known position well. Before thinking to face the iPhone , Google's tablet must demonstrate how to compete and not like the rest of the Android-based tablets, which so far have left the Apple device as the clear winner.