Nokia: el Lumina 610 no igniting Skype

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012 07:22

Lumia 610 sin Skype

Windows Phone has begun to show signs of the worst feature of Android: that users of this platform can not enjoy the same applications. Nokia has confirmed that the 610 Lumia can not install Skype officially.

After the announcement that Skype would not be compatible with phones that have 256MB of RAM and Nokia ensure that the application would work in their Lumia 610, the user experience given not finally convinced the Finns, removing the opciónde download for these terminals. This confirms that manufacturers will have the ability to veto certain applications on their terminals, although 95% of the catalog terminals operate in low performance.

Upgrading to Tango opens the door for manufacturers to produce phones at very competitive prices ( at the expense of lowering in performance ) into emerging markets countries, but brings one of the worst evils that can have a platform: fragmentation . Although the arguments made ​​by Nokia, the poor user experience that Skype was in 610, seem rational, the fact is that the error comes from deeper: Microsoft should not have allowed the emergence of low-end devices, in my opinion, as one of the things I like about Windows Phone is its uniformity as a platform, the existence of a unified style applications Marketplace and if it works in one, it works at all.

Hopefully not see how Microsoft lowering the standards necessary to run Windows Phone to Android levels at the expense of gaining market share, we hope that this increase comes from the hand of the recognition of the quality of Windows Phone.