"Compaq" HP is orphaned and use it only for basic equipment

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Technology - Gadgets
Thursday, 24 May 2012 04:10

" HP Compaq "ceases to exist as a trademark, the company that HP acquired in 2002 is orphaned and officially begin using low-profile, virtually only as Compaq. I know there is something that surprised because HP kept, and it seems to stay that way-this division as the isolated occasionally had center stage, at peak times such as decent teams launched Compaq Elite 8200 , for example.

In official statements from HP , Compaq is still part of the company, but now is officially the "brand name used for commodity computing", ie, with entry prices. While it appears that is just a fancy way down (even more) to the division level, may be a strategy to reach emerging markets. But again, is an official way to say that Compaq will manufacture cheap products from HP.

Not a decision born of overnight because the new CEO came up with, is linked to the restructuring of the company and the number 27 000 workers who become unemployed due to sales slump and bad decisions taken in the past. These redundancies represent 8% of workers who end up saving 3,500 million dollars to HP. But back to the decision to Compaq below what is, should not be surprised to run with a similar fate in other divisions of the company.