The wallpaper that blocks Wi-Fi signal

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Technology - Gadgets
Friday, 11 May 2012 04:30

Are you of those who are obsessed with security or just do not trust your neighbors and you're convinced that someone is stealing the Wi-Fi? Well your problems are going to end up with the new wallpaper that will be released in the coming months. This is what at first looks like a wallpaper walls of a lifetime, but it has a very interesting quality: blocking the Wi-Fi .

Yes, as you read: in composition are small crystals of silver are some "drawings" special that prevent the Wi-Fi out of your room. In principle comes with "patterns tuned" just for the frequencies in which they operate the Wi-Fi home (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) so it would not affect mobile phones (although it may certainly interfere with DECT operating in ranges often very similar to the Wi-Fi).

If you also want to block cell phone, no problem, since the manufacturer has confirmed that this can get very easily by just slightly changing the pattern that is printed on paper. And for the picky, to say that if you do not like having the whole room full of paper in the form of stars, there is no problem because you can paint directly on paper or paper with other paper above, without reducing one bit the effectiveness of this invention.

However, to fully ensure that the neighbor, we can steal our beloved Wi-Fi, you have also papered ceiling, floor and ... windows. Yes, I know .. seems a little ridiculous the latter, so the manufacturer is already in the design phase of a role "special" window will be ... transparent.