Samsung could repeat as a manufacturer of Nexus Google

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Technology - Gadgets
Friday, 27 April 2012 03:00

A couple of days we had as Google had decided to sell the Galaxy Nexus through Google Play Store , showing that the Nexus brand is more alive than ever and that will be with us much longer, so it has begun the selection process for the fourth generation manufacturer of smartphone Google Nexus.

Not only that, but Digitimes sources claim that Samsung again and would have won the contract to manufacture the next Nexus.

Since Samsung has become the leading seller of Android smartphones, Google will continue to Samsung to develop its next generation of Nexus, taking advantage of Samsung's capacity for innovation with respect to the Android platform, and its ability to control supply of key components

Everything indicates that Google wants to be ready the next generation of Nexus for the fourth quarter of this year, looking as before that this is an improved version of Samsung Galaxy S III will be presented in a few days, the same way as the Galaxy Nexus the SII was the Galaxy and Galaxy Nexus S original.

Definitely a choice that would result from the logic, since Samsung is now lord and master from the Android device manufacturers, so that no other company can make shade for the moment. Remember that a couple of months will be handling the possibility that LG and HTC took the baton in this process, but yet the Koreans would have won again this selection based on capacity, quality and innovation.

What think you?, Is just the designation if true? or would you prefer that someone else had this honor?.