iHome iDM5: Workstation for tablets with integrated speakers

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Technology - Gadgets
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 05:20

I think we've reached a critical point that enhancements for tablets and smartphones are in danger of touching the absurd. To date , iHome docks and speakers had been launched for mobile discrete, we have seen big teams , small and headphones with good design but so far there had been a dock that looks to be your new workstation.

iHome iDM5 is a mixture of wanting to have a terminal designed for mobility but at some point, by the power with which they are manufacturing, converting quickly is a laptop. Unfortunately people thought iHome inject steroids to a dock would be the best decision and maybe it is for those who want to have a second workstation where or officiate, but obviously is the worst idea for the way it has been raising the multipurpose concept of a tablet.

Going into detail, i Home iDM5 integrates two speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, which is the means by which to connect or equipment such as iPad tablet with Android. Two USB connectors on the back to load the equipment, plus a standard 3.5mm jack.

iHome iDM5, according to the company statement, is available starting today for $ 130.

iHome iDM5 frontal ihome-idm5 iHome iDM5