HTC seek to produce their own processors for low-end mobile

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Tuesday, 24 April 2012 01:01

According to the site China Times , HTC have signed a cooperation agreement with ST-Ericsson to work on developing their own processors, following the footsteps of two major industry players such as Apple and Samsung . Unlike the two previous companies, which manufacture the processors that drive their high-end devices, the new chips by the Taiwanese manufacturer would be implemented in their low-end phones.

Until now, mobile HTC have been based on Qualcomm chips, although it appears that the relationship between the two marks has been deteriorating and discontent has been on the rise. In early February had materialized dissatisfaction with a paper describing a new strategy that was mentioned away from Qualcomm, at least for some products.

HTC has already begun to make a little side Qualcomm in its high-end devices. The clearest example of this is that your ship standard, the HTC One X , in its international version is based on a quad core processor NVIDIA Tegra 3. However, the low-end terminals have so far been few loopholes in the campaign to put aside Qualcomm.

The partnership between HTC and ST-Ericsson to produce chips in low-end terminals help to take the final step away from Qualcomm. Also, this talk of higher interest from HTC in the low-end market, contrary to shift in strategy that announced in January, and could respond to niche giants such as Samsung, ZTE and Huawei. Devices with the new chip jointly produced by HTC and ST-Ericsson would be starting to hit the market en masse sometime in 2013.

Via: Engadget