Larry Page: Android is important but not critical to Google

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Technology - Gadgets
Thursday, 19 April 2012 04:48

According to Larry Page, CEO and co-founder of Google, the Android mobile operating system is an important asset for Google, but however not considered as critical to the company.

This statement was released during his testimony in court which holds the patent legal dispute between the company's search engine and Oracle (the latter claims that Google has infringed its patents by using Java in its mobile operating system without paying for it ), resulting in a rather unfortunate statement for all Android users.

Android is very important for us is the way to bring Google services to users, but it is critical for the company

It is worth remembering that Oracle has started with this demand after acquiring Sun Microsystems Java, so it would not even be fighting for patents that they had created. Google foresaw this has bought a strong portfolio of patents including those that came with the acquisition of Motorola , so this legal battle is just beginning and if Google loses may have to pay more than $ 6 billion to Oracle.

These statements may ultimately give much to talk about because it means that a platform so successful and so many millions of users is more important to Google and simply be focused on the services we reditúan profits, which surely will not be welcomed by the community.

Although I can almost bet that despite having said that during the trial, really think anything about it.

Via: Reuters