Nokia SmartStart, personal assistant (human) to get started in Windows Phone

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Technology - Gadgets
Thursday, 12 April 2012 17:17

In Nokia want to make things right, do not want to lose even one customer more and therefore they are betting on the direct interaction between employees and customers are starting Windows Phone. It's something that Apple implements in its stores with Genius known for quite some time and has worked very well because the orientation or doubt is cleared on equal terms with the customer.

Well, Nokia is testing its own version of personal assistance with Nokia SmartStart , a service that is only now we can go phone once we have a Windows phone or buy we thought. By communicating with the audience that Nokia puts at our disposal we can clarify any doubts, the initial setup or solve problems with an employee with knowledge of real product and not the technical corner.

Nokia SmartStart is completely free, we must communicate our interest only to talk to a wizard using the form on the web, put the information you ask for and then choose the day and time that we get a call from Nokia. A very interesting move by Nokia because Windows Phone is an operating system that is still making itself known and many people still see it being new and complicated by fear configure your computer for the first time can be a bad experience despite be a simple system.