Trend Micro believes BlackBerry OS 7 more secure platform for companies

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Thursday, 12 April 2012 03:05

The terminals BlackBerry , virtually since its inception, have been associated with professional users who require constant access to your email. In fact, the professional public and, within that, the Public Administration, traditionally has a high regard for RIM terminals due to this focus on the security of your platform and, indeed, the robustness of BlackBerry OS 7 has been reflected in a study made ​​by the security firm Trend Micro in which the RIM platform has proven to be the safest option for companies in the market.

The study faced with IOS BlackBerry OS 7 5, Android 2.3 (which is the most widespread in use) and Windows Phone 7.5, in different business scenarios of use (for setting executive profiles configuration for a field worker, data protection, terminal deletion, corporate mail management, application security, rights management, etc.) to evaluate the performance of each platform in each of the scenarios and calculate an overall average score of the performance thereof.

In the context of inexorable growth of sales of smartphones in the consumer sector, mobile terminals are a risk factor for businesses and business

According to this study, BlackBerry OS 7 would have been out on top by a score of 2.89 points out of 5 points while iOS 5 with 1.70 points out of 5, Windows Phone 7.5 with 1.61 points and, finally, Android 2.3 with 1.37 points on 5.

What is interesting about these results is that while some mobile platforms have evolved very remarkable in its guidance to companies, there is still a strong heritage of consumer marketing crashing completely with the requirements of business and therefore make unfit for use

And what are the key factors of BlackBerry OS 7? The granularity of control options of the device through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server since it allows the creation of security policies at the corporate level, management applications, the control exerted on these anti-malware mechanisms, authentication on the device or anti-jailbreak mechanisms.

To value the security of the platform (which supports up to U.S. Federal Government) is a breath of air that RIM can come in handy for that within the professional sector is in the best moves, remaining faithful to follow Canadian manufacturer if, within the requirements, security is one of the most important.