New rumors of a 4 "display in the new iPhone

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Thursday, 12 April 2012 07:05

As expected continued the series of rumors about the next generation of Apple's iPhone, which has said in recent days could start mass production in June so its official presentation to the public could be just around the corner, which has reawakened interest in the possible specifications that could accompany, which emphasizes the inclusion of a 4-inch screen.

This would be a significant increase in size compared to the 3.5 "that have been driving from the first generation iPhone (including the ratio of 3:2). The reason this is securely conserved in this way has been the reluctance of the company on the block to fragment its platform, facilitating the work of developers in creating applications, as they only have to design their software to be run on a specific screen size. However, this changed with the incursion of the iPhone 4 in the market and Retinal Display, which increased the resolution but still continued with the same screen size.

When there is talk that Apple was thinking of following the trend of giving their smartphones with screens larger size, the Cupertino could choose between two options to avoid the problems seen in platforms like Android. First may choose to increase the number of pixels and resolution using a slightly larger screen and a second option would keep the same number of pixels and increase the resolution in proportion, giving time for the developers to tailor their While these applications may still work with this hardware.

As you can see, the most feasible means to increase the screen size would be doing it longer and wider, growing to 4 "that would house up to five lines of icons on the screen, allowing also some applications that are designed to use interface elements such as navigation and menu bars can continue to be supported without any problems, since the width should be the same and only add vertical space with this could open a new form of interact with applications, with new menus or buttons that could make use of that property and then to say the videos and internet browsing functions that make maximum use of the new screen space.

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