NOOK Simple Touch con pantalla GlowLight (iluminada)

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Technology - Gadgets
Thursday, 12 April 2012 05:07

Electronic devices currently have a life cycle of approximately one year and if Barnes & Noble maintains that pace of life l qu new report claims the arrival of a new version of NOOK Simple Touch could be real. According to Reader Digital have managed to find a brochure that shows what would integrate the new reader "simple" B & W, direct competition Kindle Touch .

The booklet reveals that integrate GlowLight a screen that enables intelligent lighting to suit any lighting conditions, ie, increasing or decreasing the intensity. Unlike other readers with electronic ink does not allow adjustment of illumination intensity.

For now it appears to be the only attraction that would exceed other e-readers with similar services, however, when officially may surprise us. The NOOK Simple Touch announced on June 10, 2011, so we are not too far for the new version comes to light.