Malware on Android could circumvent the protection of Google Bouncer

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Technology - Gadgets
Wednesday, 08 February 2012 21:00

Last Friday, Google announced the arrival of Bouncer, the anti malware for the Android Market which will be scanned with the applications for malicious code, a situation that was very well received by users and the media, who saw the company as Search finally did something to control malware, spyware and Trojan horses in their app store.

However, Xuxian Jiang of the University of North Carolina State has found a new class of malware that can evade scanning and permit applications by Bouncer for installation. Once installed start the download of code from a remote server to conceal the transfer in the normal processes of our mobile communication, preventing us realize what is happening.

This malware baptized at the moment as Rootsmart, would use the exploit GingerBreak, with which you can access our terminal to perform any function that the attacker needs. Importantly, for the moment there is no application in the Android Market that makes use of this malicious code, but if you have found this malware download sites in China and although applications from Google making sure that all devices lanzandos after May 2011 have been patched to not be susceptible to Gingerbreak, makes clear that the procedure could be repeated Rootsmart by someone else, leaving no possibility Bouncer doing their jobs.

Will it soon come a time that Google will have to implement control measures similar to those applied by Apple in its App Store?. This could become reality in the not so distant, but of course with far fewer restrictions than those imposed by the company on the block.

Via: Forbes