HTC Android 4.2.2 One will arrive in two weeks

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 19:26

  • The HTC One still in 4.1.2.
  • No official confirmation.
  • Add lock widgets, quick settings and more.

One thing, there are several, I do not understand Android manufacturers is to launch high-end devices with older versions of Android. The HTC One particularly striking because it is the terminal that is called to save the poor condition of HTC , which also suffers from long ago ... and, worse, there is a historical record: no one recovers from losses operational . So why was delayed both HTC Android 4.2.2 One? Mysteries will never know, unjustified, on the other hand ... and luckily Google Android 4.3 not present in this Google I / O .

Or maybe we do know, but for me they remain unjustified, more on that later. Anyway, is not officially confirmed, but HTC Android 4.2.2 One has already been hinted at by one of the developers of HTC, who has responded through their personal Twitter account

@ gidiyorsunpro 2-3 weeks I think.

- LlabTooFeR (@ LlabTooFeR) May 17, 2013

Obviously, not being from an official account, we take the arrival of Android 4.2.2 for HTC One with caution, though, of course, seems an more than enough after the time it takes the terminal on the market.

On the side of the new features that would be included in the Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One would see lock widgets, ie the lock screen, native Swype style keyboard, quick settings and some other things.

Now, back to the issue of the timing of Android updates: first, it is understandable as image amends HTC Android 4.2.2 for HTC One specifically, in addition to adding the functionalities of Sense , as Blinkfeed, which gave a good twist in version 5. It is normal, then, to take a little more time for these changes, what is not normal is that it takes so long because the manufacturers receive Android updates three months before its release, precisely, to give them time to make such changes.

Moral (or beg, rather): Android manufacturers, make the high-end with the next version of Android already in mind, not the current, everybody wins.


goal: augmented reality interface world's most advanced

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 15:12

Occasionally projects appear out of nowhere that looks like science fiction. It is what is right crowdfunding platforms, that people decide whether it can be worth it or not. And by the way, that leadeth goal, I would say it could be something big. Goal is an augmented reality project that came out yesterday on Kickstarter and that one day is about to reach as their goal.

A meta creators advertised as amentada reality interface most advanced in the world and watching the video might be right. For now the project is hackable for developers you can get along with what the most important thing is not how it looks as if what you can do. The idea is that with glasses on, your hands can manipulate virtual objects augmented reality and that the prototype has a camera that detects motion and depth.

This project was born at the University of Columbia in New York and after two years developing it there with teachers, has reached a stage where there is a viable and functional prototype. The goal with the goal is to replace a flat screen as a means of manipulating and interacting with virtual objects. In fact, the examples that appear in the video are quite revealing.

Moreover, the software used is Unity 3D with what everything you have done there can run smoothly. As regards the technical specifications have a field of view of 23 degrees for each eye two individual chambers, a resolution of 960 x 540 for each eye and a weight of 300 grams.

Thus, the project is certainly interesting and once the development kits are functioning could think of a consumer-oriented hardware with smaller parties.

The input target: augmented reality interface world's most advanced appears first on Gizmodo .


Telcel What is the plan that suits you?

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 02:11
Telcel Logo

It is not always easy to choose a plan for our mobile phones because of the large supply that currently exists. In Gizmodo know, so that if a member of Telcel, we will give you some tips that may serve you when choosing.

While there are people who spend a lot of time searching for the best plan and rate for them, this is not usual. Companies do not make it easy, and offer a number of possibilities and alternatives from which it is normal to miss. The solution is simple: we need to know what kind of users are, and how we use our cell. If we choose a plan Telcel in Mexico there are certain things to keep in mind, although this is extendable to any other operator.

To choose a good plan Telcel, as we said, the trick is to make an analysis of our monthly consumption as divided. We do not want the same plan if they are regular users of the Internet on our phone that if we spent the day calling, so that the plan you choose will have to be according to how we use our cell phone usually.

Internet lovers

If you are like me, you need to have Internet on your mobile terminal, and with that you cover the remaining needs, then Telcel plan that will come as a glove is Más X Menos Internet 3 GB - 2 . Today, everything can be done by Internet: VoIP calls from replacing the traditional, to instant messaging ranks of SMS.

This plan has 3 GB Telcel navigation endure the type perfectly even with heavy use. Includes 30 minutes of calls at no cost to 5 SMS, we come in handy in case you need promptly, plus 4 numbers you can call totally free to keep in touch with family and close friends. All this we will get for 599 pesos a month.

Telcel rates

Source: Furryscaly (Flickr)

Great talkers, little browsers

If you are of those who believe that nothing can replace the closeness and warmth of a good conversation on the phone (except one in person, obviously), nor is that we use greatly Internet connection on our phone, so we opt for the rate Mas X Menos - 8 .

With 1,000 minutes a month to talk, representing about 31 minutes per day, Telcel this plan will give us everything we need to talk to those who want to. In addition, the plan includes 10 numbers to choose from, which we call free, 40 SMS and 30 MB of navigation, at a cost of 1,307 pesos a month.

Communication everywhere

Finally, it is also possible that, for work, need, or just for the pleasure, we are one of those people who like to communicate with everyone, all the time, using either mobile internet or voice calls. Telcel plan we could come in handy in this case is Mas X Menos Per Second - 4 , that offers a balance between Internet and voice calls so we can use both with some margin.

The plan includes 300 minutes of calls (from which we are charged $ 0.04 for each extra second), along with 500 MB of Internet browsing and 200 SMS, all for 649 pesos a month. We emphasize here that the charge if we had of contracted in voice rate is billed in seconds, so we have to be careful with our spending here.

Obviously, there is a chance that your profile does not fit one of these we have described here, in which case you can always play with the size of tariffs, increasing them or reducing them depending on your need. The goal, as always, is not to pay more than we use. And for you, what would your perfect Telcel plan?


Apple strikes back and removes Bang With Friends from the App Store

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Saturday, 18 May 2013 01:49
Apple removes Bang with Friends

  • The app has been removed from the App Store
  • In Google Play is still available
  • The creators are working with Apple to return to be accepted

History repeats itself: A controversial issue that reaches the App Store to disappear "mysteriously" soon after. A week after its approval excasa, Bang with Friends Apple removed from the App Store, without explanation and without apparent reason.

For those who do not know Bang with Friends, saying simply that it is an application in which we indicate that we are available to maintain "intimate relationships" and seeking anonymously among our Facebook friends to those who have done the same. In case of finding any contact who is "sexually available" it tells us and gives us the opportunity to prove who, in exchange for that person to tell our own availability.

The arrival of the application to the Apple App Store and was marked by controversy because they do not like the name of the application to the Puritans of Apple and the topic of the application could be the reason why Apple removed Bang with Friends from the App Store. The creators already had to change the name of the BWT application since the application name seemed morally reprehensible supervisors in Cupertino.

Little is known about the reasons for which Bang with Friends Apple removed from the App Store because in principle the application does not violate any rule to the naked eye unless you have a privacy problem background. The creators of the application would not give many details, simply stating in their website that they are working with Apple to bring the application back to the App Store soon.

It is not the first time Apple removed an application from the App Store, often without saying a word and without explanation. There are cases of HD Sweatshop AppGratis or game that simulates running a sweatshop labor and that many people saw as a criticism of the Chinese factories where they are assembled many of the products sold by Apple.


The cool new Microsoft ad for IE10

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Friday, 17 May 2013 22:15

When he left I came few people imagined it would be a powerful creative tool. With 6 seconds of you not to explain too much and yet there are people and brands that they are devising to take advantage. Vine gives you the opportunity to be direct in your post to get attention and this has been taken advantage of Microsoft, who have had a good stock of creative marketing to create some ads IE10 in Vine.

The entire campaign is enough Vines that are centralized in Browser You Loved To Hate a page that laugh at themselves and where they show that they had the previous shortcomings and that the current browsers has been corrected. The whole campaign is intended to clear the name of Internet Explorer and modernize its image. Basically we come to tell you that it seems that some people are using the latest Internet Explorer and seem to like but do not dare to announce it.

And the effect caused by using Internet Explorer say that is not too positive. Many people have been with the experiences of older versions and although the latest browser version is a remarkable, that seems not to have reached the people. That is why we have the advantages that you have version 10 as microcortometrajes as allowing Vine.

Also we show comments from people on Twitter and some publications praising the new features. It speaks of the support for touchscreens and speed. Besides Vine also have videos and gifs used to make the campaign viral and powerful as possible. So, here are some of the funniest Vine.

The entrance The cool new Microsoft ad for IE10 appears first on Gizmodo .


How to enable multi-user support on Android

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Friday, 17 May 2013 20:14
stock of the Nexus 4

  • Android brought native support for multiple users with version 4.2
  • However, this native support is exclusive, for now, tablets
  • Yet it can be configured in several handsets with Android 4.2

Support for multiple users is one of the characteristics of desktop operating systems most in demand especially in the business field. Configure multiple users allows us to maintain custom settings while separate applications and data between different people using the same device. Android 4.2 and native support multiuser took the tablets, but this native support has not yet come to mobile phones. Yet there are solutions to set up multiple users on Android phones also installed version 4.2 as the Nexus 4 . For that we need:

Set up multiple users on Android

It is advisable to make a backup before starting the process, if something fails to return to the previous state of the phone without any problems. To continue the process of setting up multiple users on Android, after obtaining root access will have to install the framework. To install the framework Xposed have to download the file XposedInstaller.apk and run. Once installed launch the application and select Install / Update and finally, restart the terminal.

After installing the framework will proceed to install the MoDaCo Toolkit module, which will be that we will definitely set up multiple users on Android phones. This will download the corresponding terminal in our pkg file and run it. Then we will go to the configuration of Xposed Framework and Toolkit MoDaCo activate the module we just installed. Again we will have to restart your device.

Finally, just need to access the module MoDaCo and select the services you want to activate, in this case users, but you can take advantage and try some of the other improvements and modifications included. Again we will have to restart the terminal after selecting the module to be installed for the changes to take affect and ready. Already have available the ability to create user accounts on your phone 4.2.

Set up multiple users on Android

Now you will see a section called options menu where users can create different profiles on your phone with Android 4.2 and create custom configurations.

To switch between different users configured simply press the button on the phone and we will see the option in the menu off the terminal.

Set up multiple users on Android has much more meaning to professional level home is more common as sharing devices that require custom configuration in companies that in our house. However, this approach comes at a cost: to give root access to the terminal. Possibly not too kindly to the system administrator of our company that we use a terminal rooteado for security problems that can lead, with the aggravating factor that companies usually handle sensitive information.


From Alicia Keys to Bethlehem Esteban: BlackBerry elegance vulgarity against Másmovil

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Friday, 17 May 2013 18:14
Alicia Keys

Two distinct strategies: first, the addition of Alicia Keys on BlackBerry. On the other, the Belén Esteban to Másmovil. The day and night. Elegance against vulgarity.

On January 30th the long process culminated BlackBerry resilience in the form of presentation of BlackBerry 10 , the new operating system with which the company wanted to show that he had learned from his mistakes, he had reinvented, and could adapt to the new times. Among the Renaissance who was everything and was in a short, one name: Alicia Keys. Part of reinventing the company went through to bring to users. And so, the American singer from that day became the new Creative Director of the company. Without fuss, without a look provocative and transgressive, Alicia Keys talked about the mobile industry face to face with Thorsten Heins, the new CEO also Canadian company, in clear terms. With impeccable aesthetics evident who had come to work and not to give performances. And most importantly, naturally, calmly, focusing on what can bring the platform to users. A few days ago reappeared in the BlackBerry Live with the best news: it's not a doll, not a pretty face and famous, but intervenes in a real way. BlackBerry helps bring what the user demand. It brings the freshness that a company is usually lose when you are confined too long in itself.

Belén Esteban Másmovil

A couple of weeks earlier, on January 10, Másmovil, Spanish virtual mobile operator, announced the signing of Belén Esteban as head of public relations. To give context to readers outside of Spain: Belén Esteban was an anonymous citizen until 1998 when he began appearing in gossip magazines where he was questioned about his relationship (and separation) with a bullfighter. Since then, fifteen year career unstoppable. He went from not talking, head down, before the cameras, giving interviews and go on television collaborations. By 2002 he was already a tertuliana more. But over time, ceased to be, to become 'the' Tertullian. The most controversial and authentic character of Spain.'s Most vulgar, too. Each year rose five decibels their 'contributions' to make their own programs and shows integers. Selling stories about his life, contributing nothing to topics empty, leaving (consciously or unconsciously) that was the laughingstock live. In summary, screaming louder than anyone their opinion on superficial and frivolous subjects, demonstrating that it is possible to amass wealth without effort or preparation. The pride of ignorance.

The day and night. This could describe the huge difference between a figure and another. Alicia Keys said that, contrary to what many expect (I speak in the first person because I served as a valuable lesson), filed naturalness, to elegance, to speak on the basis of why he had been brought to BlackBerry. The same thing happened during the BlackBerry Live 2013. On the other side, Belén Esteban Másmovil. Deeds, not words, someone said. And the best thing that happened to four months in business relationship was the Bethlehem Shake.

Your own version of a viral fenónemo that actually arrived very late (but that's another topic), which summarizes your input. The one that is limited to a familiar face (in Spain today, almost iconic) to get closer to the masses, at any price. An investment that could have been done on anything but prime the vulgarity, ignorance of who shows contempt for knowledge, who flees brainy territories to embrace money gives shout louder than anyone insulting live, sell the miseries of his life and give up everything that reminds sanity, elegance and effort.

Two models of action. Two ways to incorporate public figure of women to senior positions in technology, or to get publicity in a different way. Two different messages that do reach the final consumer. Happily, vulgarity had an answer: after many months of positive balance of portability and high, Másmovil slowed the pace in January. In February grew to much less than previously. In March, customers lost Másmovil. Poetic Justice. In a way, the demonstration that not everything is, that you can not lose respect for users in exchange for visibility. That things can be done differently .


Samsung Galaxy Note III in September and 5.9 inches depending rumors

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Friday, 17 May 2013 17:34
Samsung Galaxy Note II in Argentina

  • The presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be in the next IFA Berlin
  • The design will be made of polycarbonate, along the lines of Galaxy S4
  • The company expects to reach 10 million Samsung Galaxy S4 sold in the first month

Samsung is probably the company with the broadest product range around the mobile phone market. There are numerous product lines held, offering virtually a product for every type of user that exists today, which causes the pitches are constant. However, the most emblematic terminals of the company have their own particular cycles. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note III, we will have to wait until September for launch.

Company executives have reportedly confirmed that the presentation of the terminal in its 5.9-inch version will take place during the second half of the year. Specifically, the Samsung Galaxy Note III would be presented at the upcoming IFA in Berlin, an event that will take place in the Germanic lands from 6 to 11 September.

There is not yet much information as will be facing the terminal, except its screen size 5.9 inches. It is rumored that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Note III will be based on the current flagship of the Korean company, the Samsung Galaxy S4 , again made ​​of polycarbonate and keeping the same design lines. Of course we can find S-Pen technology, differentiation factor Note range compared to other tablets and smartphones from the company that allows better use of the stylus.

Speaking of Samsung Galaxy S4, the company expects to sell ten million units during the first month of existence. These words of Shin Jong-kyun, co-CEO of Samsung, which confirms that the terminal is being sold at a rate much higher than that of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy SIII. This terminal needed 50 days to reach the figure of 10 million units sold so indirectly, Shin Jong-kyun would confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is selling at a rate twice that held by his predecessor at launch.

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