The wonderland in the App Store

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 08 March 2010 19:05

Surely by now you heard that Disney will make a new version of Alice in Wonderland, with director Tim Burton and Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter and the main character in this adaptation of the books the teacher Fantabulosa Carroll , and if you heard, for you who are stuck in a cave or something similar, in Extracine you have any information you like. Although this would not be here if not for what I say in the title: Alice in Wonderland has landed on the App Store for € 3.99-shaped platforms.

I've been playing awhile and I think that is one of the best platforms I've played so far on the iPhone, reminds me of the mythical Braid. The control is, as in many games, a digital pad with three buttons: left, right and jump. These are the weapons to confront Alice in the wonderful world that has gone and it seems he does not remember anything. Although not the only guest Alicia. Since the beginning of the game will accompany the White Rabbit, who has the ability to stop time (then, why always late?) And that can help us when we want. So far I have not gone too far but it seems that we have more characters to help Alice in her new journey. I leave you with some more details and a photo gallery.

If the game must remain in the main story and would be pretty good, but it is not, there's more. From the main menu we can access the "Diary", where some objects that get saved during the adventure and we get so many other ways. As visiting attractions on Disney Alice in different parks scattered around the world or making photos a few things. Without too much detail but makes even more fun to play. I say, do you dare to cross the mirror?


StatusNotifer: notificaciones en la StatusBar

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 08 March 2010 18:05

I thought that besides the reader who asked me the other day how he had put the icons in the StatusBar notifications, many others might be interested in knowing the operation of this application, so I found it interesting to devote a full entry explaining how of StatusNotifier, a free application available in Cydia and everything to Jailbreak iPhone should have to control a very simple way all the notifications that occur in our iPhone or iPod.

  • The first thing to do is go into Cydia and go to Manage> Sources> Edit> Add.

  • Add the following Source:

  • We look to Cydia "StatusNotifier" and installed it.

  • Once we installed the application "Settings" to configure the application to our liking.

To see the StatusBar notifications every time we receive a call, message, email ... so we will focus only on the first part of the setup menu of the application (Notifications) by selecting the notifications that we show.


Infiniboard: vertical displacement in our iPhone

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 08 March 2010 17:05

Yesterday morning appeared an interesting application that combined with other enhancements available on Cydia iPhone Dashboard make a much more complete.

Infiniboard This is an application which allows vertical scrolling or by the different desktops on your iPhone or iPod allows you to move in a much more rapid and organized.

Once installed, the application will find a new option within the application "Settings" where you can activate or deactivate the application or set the color of the scroll bar among many other options.

Integrating the application with the overall system is perfectly adapted to the design and operation. To be able to move vertically will have to have a page full of applications and then drag an icon.

The application is available in Cydia at a price of $ 1.99.

Via: iSpazio


Visualize your musical history with LastHistory

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 08 March 2010 13:57

Many times I find applications that are more interesting than useful, and LastHistory would be the perfect way to exemplify: its function is to take our history of songs played on and screen display in a visually attractive, allowing us to analyze it through time, even allowing us to add other parts of our lives as pictures and past events.

The first display mode called "analysis" allows us to go all dimensions of our time in history, song and genre, while the second is called "Personal" and allows us to add our photos in iPhoto and iCal events to contrast with our tendencies music over time, relating the events that we live with the music we hear.

As I said earlier, we can debate about the usefulness of this application, but we must bear in mind that it is part of a student's thesis for the University of Munich, and my leaves me amazed at the creativity and dedication poured into a tool that only suited for the analysis of our musical tastes, but with a very high technical level. The application is free, we are only required to fill out a survey at the end of use (which we ignore).

Then a video of LastHistory in action:

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