PC World called "idiots" to buyers in the iPad

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Technology - Apple
Monday, 15 March 2010 09:03

PC World llama “idiotas” a los compradores del iPad

Galen Gruman, editor of PC World, on Saturday wrote a note to buyers of brand new iPad entitled "iPad Reservations: Only for idiots" (in English: iPad Pre-Orders: For Idiots Only). The note was issued moments after the departure of the iPad, which in only 2 hours there were more than 50,000 reserved.

Gruman said:

"... We have all seen demonstrations of promising products that were lower than where they finally managed to have the actual product. Why take that risk? after all, the first generation of iPad probably have some bad points, as this is the version that will tell us, after the shock decreases, what Apple should have done. "

We all know that the first generation of any product, usually has some errors in that work and especially gadgets. In the note, Gruman seems to call the cult fans of the brand (or perhaps to count visits the site) ignoring other motives for buying it. But the "idiots" were not slow to respond:

  • "If I call someone an idiot, my message is marked as a personal attack ... but these idiots can call a lot of people, even in the title!"
  • "Are not you the same guy who raved on the iPad just last month?"
  • "By the logic of this article, I want to cancel my subscription to PC World, as I would be an" idiot "without even having the opportunity to make an analysis."
  • "Galen, please stop writing."
  • "I will defend my decision to buy a iPad because clearly you are not able to understand"

There are currently 157 comments, many sounded as though they had already purchased an iPad or do not see anything wrong with that. There were a few "take that fan of Apple," but most were insults to Gruman.

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Apple earns $ 75 million in the first 24 hours of pre-launch of the iPad

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Technology - Apple
Saturday, 13 March 2010 21:13

Yesterday I commented that the presale began in the U.S. iPad. In my particular point of view I saw most popular opinion as a company's potential disbelief gadget but when we found out yesterday that in two hours sold 51,000 iPads was time to finally accept that the iPad would not fail, applications may help readers of books that were recently announced or is it that fanaticism is the block grade than any objective opinion?

The sum of the first day of the presale of the iPad is simply incredible, more than 120,000 iPads ordered that give the estimate of over $ 75 million in profits on a product that 99.9% have not even seen or touched, here demonstrates the confidence that people have for those of Cupertino who have accustomed us to give us excellent quality products, here comes the question now that the iPad is a reality, you are interested in buying one when it is available in your area?

Buy the iPad seeing the response of American society?
  • Of course, never hesitate to do
  • Will be given a chance
  • Not interested at all
  • What is the iPad?
View results

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51,000 iPads booked in 2 hours

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 12 March 2010 21:41

51.000 iPads reservador en dos horas

Just two hours that Apple started with the presale of the iPad and already reached the sum of 51,000 iPads reserved. The estimate was derived through serial numbers. On average, 25,000 iPads per hour, something I think very few you had imagined.

Victor Castroll, Valcent Financial Group analyst and member of AAPL Sanity who was in charge of monitoring, who announced that there were 51,000 orders in two hours iPads.

Its estimate of 20,000 is consistent with the hourly iPads published earlier by Allet Silicon Insider. That number is based on two sales with 30 minutes apart and had about 10,000 serial numbers between each purchase. Remember, it is estimated that Apple has a supply of 300,000 units available for sale beginning April 3.

We also know that among members of AAPL Sanity, 25% retained a model with Wi-Fi + 3G and 25% larger 64GB model. 25% of them also ordered the two iPads.

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Guitarbud: connecting the guitar to the iPhone

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Technology - Apple
Friday, 12 March 2010 21:28

If you like the guitar this will be your favorite cable: Guitarbud enables you to connect your instrument to the iPhone or iPod Touch, with an additional outlet for headphones. Once everything is connected, you can record your own songs using any application that will serve for the recording of the App Store. It is a cable longer than five feet long. Its price is $ 29.95. Vía I have a Mac

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